Solar eclipse at 0° cancer 21:

‘On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One’

We are approaching the final opening ceremony of the divine feminine taking her rightful equal place alongside the divine masculine and this Sabian symbol shows great poignancy. When I feel into these words I am put in mind of the beginning of a new energy filtering through the world, a new dawn for life on Gaia. So many of us are beyond ready within our hearts and minds to begin creating an expression of how we wish to see life, the changes we want to make and the progress we want very much to be a part of on our planet as we see through distortion and top heavy constructs no longer compatible with our needs and soul evolution.

However, I also think we should be incredibly careful with this imagery and be sure that within our desire to build anew we are not replacing one toxic distortion with its inverse and end up creating the same restrictive and censoring structures under the guise of different names. Old habits are, after all, hard to break. To me, this is certainly not about a replacement of the masculine with the feminine but a symbol which encapsulates the best of both of these energies creating anew together in synthesis. This we will find within the symbolism of the Cancer archetype once we dig a little deeper.

Cancer rules the 4th house, is found within the water triad and is ruled by the Moon. A feminine cardinal sign, it is the initiator of change. Cancer does not do this directly as such and rarely takes a linear straight forward approach, which can be quite confusing to other signs of the zodiac but Cancer trusts it’s inner knowing enough to do things its own way. It gets the job done.

Traditionally seen in the mainstream as the sign of the mother, of home, safety and security with its glyph or symbol being the breasts, those born under this sign are often told they are somehow matronly and nurturing always ready with the baked goods. Within the natal chart is where we look to see the parental energy responsible for nurturing us as children yes, but there is much more to it than that.

Cancer IS the sign of home and security but in the respect that it is searching for these elements, it is one of the most abandoned and solitary signs of the zodiac.

Many with this sign featuring heavily within their charts were not necessarily born into a perfect family environment (are any of us?). They chose instead to search the world for the security of kith and kin as part of that which they came to experience…. Cancer needs to understand that they have their own security literally in their body, that if they just take a minute and breathe they will see that they already had everything that they needed right where they are. Hence cancer is renowned for its strong emotional body, making it highly intuitive and psychic as it walks its strange walk and dances its even stranger dance on the ocean floor.

The biggest lesson for this archetype then, is to create its own emotional security, that it has everything it needs within itself to create the life it wishes to have, or that which its soul has decided it wants to experience within this lifetime. In its best aspect it is able to nurture and sustain itself and therefore is in prime position to be able to extend this out to others. Remember Cancer is a cardinal sign it progresses and moves us forward into new phases, as insecure as it can be Cancer has to look to itself for the comfort it needs.

Returning to the energy of this very special eclipse, we look even deeper at what is meant by Cancer having everything inside itself to fulfill its soul urges. The glyph for Cancer is also a 69 turned sideways thusly:

Cancer (1)

If we take this one step further -as I believe we should- we arrive here:

Jordan Peterson explains the yin yang symbol | Logo Design Love

I am incredibly hopeful that you can see the connection between our Sabian symbol, the Cancerian archetype and the energy being brought forward in summer eclipse season. I believe that this symbology right here is the new flag, the real and holistic interpretation of this forthcoming eclipse: Cancer is the assimilation and embodiment of the dual energies of yin yang, form and chaos feminine and masculine. The embracing of the female and male energy within each and every one of us is the Cancerian energy so badly needed within this world.

All of us called to be change makers across the globe can not do this in our most powerful position until we are able to nurture ourselves and accept the God given power of creation we each and every one of us hold within. By shining our own light and loving ourselves *in our entirety, unedited and whole* we will be able to affect those around us for the better so much more.

You are perfect the way you are, you do not need another to make you whole, you do not need anything outside of yourself to create anew, it is all in the palm of your own hand- or the shell on your own back, whichever way you wish to see it.

Here’s to us all embracing our full spiritual skill set.

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