Sabian Symbol 9 Aries “A Crystal Gazer”

This moon is a bit of an ouchy but that’s ok and good, it is very much needed catharsis. This is the first of two full moons this month, and so the next one -on Halloween- will be a blue moon. Spooky.

The full moon is a time of ripe fertility, feminine power and clarity. We can really see to the heart of a matter the sign speaks to. In Aries we go solo, with the impulse of action and reaction, it is very innocent in its spontaneity as it isn’t tangled up in anything other than its own world. This Aries moon is also incredibly decisive so you may suddenly simply know what you need to do with certain matters and act accordingly even after months of debate and uncertainty.

Gut reaction rules the day until around the 3rd so it’s useful to make a note of what it is your gut is telling telling you, the only word of caution I would offer is to remember impulse and reaction is being given a watery slant (mist-not so good for clarity) so try to keep in mind that emotions will be heightened around this time and your responses not necessarily typical. In some situations it may well be worth taking a deep breathe or physically channelling emotion in a productive manner. However you feel and whatever your gut tells you, revisit it in a few days’ time and see if you still feel it as true.

The moon will be sat right next to Chiron the wounded healer who is currently retrograde. This will cause us to emote upon our inner wounding in an emotional way. Mars is close by too adding some fuel, he  is retrograde as well, again lending that internalised reflective quality.

Chiron is the master healer who helps us nurture ourselves in a very shamanic or homeopathic way. If anything does come up for you at this time it is asking for acknowledgement and love. Under the Aries moon we have the opportunity to accept these wounds as battle scars as opposed to fatal blows. If we do so, we can develop compassion and self-respect, if we can’t find self-acceptance or even look at our wounds we can run the risk of embedding them even deeper. This is a real chance for some powerful healing, Aries is our inner brave warrior and a leader sign too. We can learn through self-compassion what it is to lead by example and from the heart with this moon, by facing our own adversities and calling a truce. Physically you may be more prone to headaches and eyestrain during this transit.

As if that lot isn’t enough this moon will be pretty much in exact opposition with the sun over in Libra. This may manifest in one of two ways. Firstly, it may be that the outside world provides some balance and interpersonal support during the full moon or at the very least make it available, as we will all be under its influence this very much stands to reason. It could be felt by some of us however as intrusion if we want to feel free and unfettered to soul journey. Given all of the internal energy we have had pretty much continuously this year many of you may wish to go it alone. Whichever way you lean we can be sure that the sun is shining a light upon our Aries/Chironic combination with a demand for balance, good luck with that one sunshine. You can check which house this falls in for you here

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