Eris square Pluto

This pokey placement is exactly square now. Chances are you’ve been feeling it without even realising. Frazzled, scattered, unable to centre easily and clarify your path forward through the day let alone consider such things as ‘life purpose’ or ‘mission’. Eris the warrior goddess and chaos bringer is squaring up to Pluto keeper of the soul. It was her discovery in 2005 which lead to the demotion of Pluto as a planet, rather apt she be named after the goddess of strife and discord. This asteroid can be seen as very similair to Aries where she currently resides, or Mars in female persona. A hot head set in motion by triggering events, her eccentric and slow orbit varying the subtlety of her influence.



With this placement we expect to see tension, anger, rage, a desire for justice and freedom, anarchy is felt as we all internally and externally dismantle that which has held our souls captive and bound. Take a look at what’s happening on the main stage globally, this placement is in action across the world. It makes perfect sense that it is the divine feminine aspect challenging the soul of humanity right now as she is rising and meeting her counterpart after centuries of distortion and subservience. The female warrior archetype is in play defending the defenceless by confronting structure and thoughtform which would seek to keep and indeed increase the imbalances on Gaia. Interestingly, Juno the mother of all has been watching her children play out on the zodiac stage as she sits apart in Libra balancing the scales. It’s as if she herself has set Eris in motion as a call to arms. Enough is enough.

As a rule I dont polarise my astrology. I believe we use the energies to transcend, seeing neither side of an aspect as good or bad. However I don’t sprinkle unicorn shit on it either and see this square as a bit tough. Squares are uncomfortable by nature but they serve a purpose. They help us shape and define through metamorphosis if we are prepared to work with them. They can be a better friend than a trine even at times. We are all challenged by this aspect. Where are we all making room for the natural balancing of feminine and masculine? Both need equal reverence within our internal dynamics if we are to see a balanced harmonious world respectful of the individual and the collective, the man and the woman the adult and the child as well of course as mother nature and father sky themselves.

So, stay calm. Acknowledge the frenetic craziness raging on through the micro and the macro and remember- Eris is serving the collective a huge gift, through chaos comes form. It’s up to US to shape it. How will we bring forward and physically manifest the world we wish to see?

  • Breathe. Xx

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