Dear Starseeds, lightworkers, Angelics, Indigos, Fey and Way showers soul diving season is here, welcome to Mercury retrograde. As you may know Mercury retrograde is a time of deep inner contemplation. Many superficially believe it a time where ‘technology goes awry’. It may but what is the deeper meaning? The universe is nudging you, perhaps not so gently, to go inwards. Your psyche is where you need to be.

The energy of insular Mercury will pass over the signs of Libra and Scorpio, what do we make of this? Our internal dynamics will be occupied with the below themes and more:

Power balance

Power dynamic, how is power used within and without to achieve goals?

Power misuse and struggle, where our emotions have been abused and manipulated by others

Rebirth, regeneration

Exploration of taboo

All of this will be related to partnerships of all sorts. Our own internal masculine and feminine constructs, our loved ones, our relationship with source and our relationship with the state. Everything is being examined in order to redress and even out the balance of power. We will see where we have been duped, conned and co-opted to further the agenda of service to self disguised as service to all. All is not and never has been what it seems and now a reckoning is underway. The universe is asking us to wake up to our ability to know the truth for ourselves and not have our emotions manipulated by the greedy and power hungry. We are called to balance our logic and reason with emotion and sensing. Our emotions are a powerful currency to many. Know this and appreciate this. Many think they know who is ‘bad’ and who is ‘good’ when they are simply being co-opted into the agenda of billionaires and centralisation. Wow.

The first full moon we experience under retrograde speaks to the potency of this energy. On the 31st of the month we will have a blue moon (a term applied to the second full moon experienced within the same calendar month) in the normally steady and centred energy of Taurus. However, this full moon will be conjunct Uranus which is in essence, the higher mind breaking up the constructs we have been held by (and within). The earth is being tilled and made fertile once again.

Do not be scared, do not worry or have anxiety. You chose this and you are the leaders of this arena. You know shadow work and you know vibration, you hold the frequency and codes of change, your presence on this planet is calling forth truths into the outer reality to be known, shown and healed. Use this innate power and vibrational countenance to understand where you have stood in the balance of power and where indeed you wish to stand. Many of us are scared of power or find the word distasteful. This is because for lifetimes we have been at the whim of power misuse and abuse but unless we appreciate the good we can do when our own lives, meanings and actions have strength we will keep repeating this lesson. I think its time we understood and loved all of our selves instead of a carefully curated version to not draw attention out of fear. Your thoughts, your opinions your beliefs and your way matter just as much as everybody else’s, you didn’t come here to conform, to be shamed or ridiculed.

 Its time to be reborn.

Love Bella x

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