December Astrological Weather


We are nearly passing through the total solar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius, the second eclipse of a new season involving mutable changeable energy. This solar eclipse as with every other is our line in the sand, there is no remaining as we are, instead we are being ushered (willingly or not) onwards in our journey here as a soul within a human body. Sagittarius and Jupiter are trying their darndest to wrap us up in freedom loving truth telling energy in order for us to expand our horizons and see past the very real feeling restriction.

This eclipse energy however is not straight forward. It is nestled in the middle of the South Node and Galactic centre which is massively important in how we interpret its meaning. On the one side we have the South Node home to the collective past and on the other, Galactic Centre one of the great cosmic wombs in the universe where we find the flicker and spark of creation, where all matter is made manifest. I believe this calls a very specific way of being from us…. To take forward the lessons and gifts we have accrued from the past, preserve and embody them as we create anew. In other words, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

We are called to remember that to our souls time and experience are not linear constructs. The Sabian symbol attached to this eclipse is as follows-“A group of immigrants as they fulfil requirements of entrance into the new country”. Certainly for me this symbol speaks of adjustment and a need to incorporate new ways of being in order to get to our desired destination. However this does not call for a denial of heritage and ancestry. When my family emigrated to the country I was born into they brought with them wit, humour, knowledge and culture which has helped shape and define my experience as well as the comfort of my ancestral roots and belonging, indeed this energy from the past is a part of the person I am today in the present. I hope to not only preserve this within myself but also to pass it on to future generations.

So what are we being called to leave behind? The astrology post eclipse speaks loudly to the healing and removing of core wounding we have all felt on our ancestors behalf. That we hold firm in our truth and knowledge of the necessity of freedom, when we express ourselves we also express our ancestors through us and heal lineages. When we restrict ourselves falsely, when we allow patterns of wounding to remain manifest we further embed the trauma in need of healing along our lines. Open hearts and open minds will rule the day if we allow. In a nod to this Chiron turns direct on the 15th the day after the eclipse. Many people will be feeling a less intense internal gaze, instead turned outwards there is almost a realisation that our internal dynamics are shared and when we heal one we heal many. Not just those currently on the Earth plane but those who came before and those who will come in the future. Solidarity is felt here.

On the 16th we have two ingress planets giving us zero point energy into the mix, again the new coupled with the old. Venus ingress into Sagittarius will pull upon how we relate internally and externally with the same eclipse energy and of course, in the build up to our Christmas star on the 21st Saturn enters into Aquarius. He has already ventured here for a very brief stop earlier in the year but now begins his more permanent stride into the archetype of the forward thinking leftfield lover of humanity. This will be a huge relief as the stellium in Capricorn has been so very very heavy on so many of us. But what exactly does it mean? well, Saturn placed in Aquarius is asking “what matters?” in terms of humanity, our personal voice of authority, freedom of thought (Aquarius and Uranus rule the higher mind), as well as what structure can we create to facilitate this desire in humanity? Both Venus and Saturn stay in play on the 19th when Venus trines Chiron in Aries, the interplay between these two is one of beneficial ease and flow, however as this is a massive trauma release aspect don’t expect to feel in control of the direction of travel, this will be spontaneous….once the genii is out of the bottle…. Go with it is literally the only advice I can offer here. Jupiter catches up with Saturn by sign on the 19th too, as he makes his way into Aquarius late in the day. As the planetary ruler of the eclipse, galactic centre and the current South node he is bringing all of this into the Aquarian remit, but it will be on the 21st Winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, summer solstice in the Southern that we see the truly spectacular alignments and signposts in the sky consisting of so much more than a simple conjunction.


Our final act of astounding astrology this time in perfect synchronicity with the winter/Summer solstice (geolocation dependent). There is so much happening in the space of 7 days its nothing short of incredible. If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, elated, irritable, confused to peaceful and chilled from one moment to the next I understand and empathise- big love to my friends who feel the skies as much as I do its been crazy pretty much all through this month but wow the payoff of working with the astrology will be immense.

The main headline act is our great conjunction/mutation also known fondly as the Christmas star occurring at 0 degrees Aquarius, we haven’t seen them in this aspect since the 1200s so this is a big deal. You may have witnessed the debate as to how this aspect fits into the age of Aquarius. One alignment in the sky to many can’t stand as ‘proof’ (although it certainly satisfied the Magi with the original Christmas star) but when looked at in context we see its importance. I personally stand in the Dane Rhudyar camp who predicated a switch to commence around 2010-2012 this coincides with the Mayan ending of ages and feels right to me. It makes sense then that we begin to feel the shift more intensely a decade later as we ramp up the approach.

All astrology has discrepancies and subtle differences, astrologers use different orbs of influence, house methods, interpretations, constellations vs the ecliptic intersect. Some people will feel aspects before others- energy isn’t linear but multidimensional and unique to the individual, which always needs to be remembered. When a zodiacal age lasts around 2,160 years we can expect a ‘subtle’ difference to be a gap of many years in terms of astrological agreement and a general consensus of arrival! That given, the collective experience of 2020 combined with the astrology of this year is the most prominent sign we have in terms of the astrology and the human experience combined.

The age of Aquarius is a turning point in the precession of ages said to usher in all that is the Aquarian archetype: higher mind, humanitarian efforts, leftfield thought, sudden stark realisation, information technology for example. This energy works through the removal of overly constrictive self serving structure, where the recognised individual is free within the collective as opposed to being shamed or pressured into conformity. I for one am all for this. Aquarius is best known for its connection to the higher mind, freedom of thought, humanitarianism and unconventionality, an ideal held in high regard by society at large.

However, we are running the risk of polarising our astrology if we forget the large trauma signature Aquarius is initiated with. If we look back up at our Capricorn stellium, Neptune squaring the nodes, Mars squaring Pluto as well as all of the planets partaking in retrograde motion and back down at the many events which spiralled across the globe at political, medical, environmental and economical events we see this initiation through trauma clearly. Yet here most of us all are, still standing with brave hearts and minds. Well done, I honestly believe we have broken a barrier. I see the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction as a real nod to this. Jupiter and Saturn as our barrier planets are also representative of both the process of growth and birth (expansion and contraction), they are the final frontier of the physicality of the self so we see here a birthing into Aquarius energy.

On the very same day we have a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury both at 0 degrees but in the sign of Capricorn, the second of three planetary aspects at 0 degrees our whole filter of life and how we communicate with others will be expressed through the lens of communicating what matters to us, particularly where our communities and society are concerned, we are preparing to build anew in ways which truly serve who we are whilst incorporating our past experience which has equally served us well (we spoke of this last week with the eclipse energy).

Lastly on this day we have our beautiful first quarter moon at 0 degrees Aries. Quarter moons are an interesting mix of conflict and opportunity they are often times where we are shown externally the shadow needing healing internally. With the moon squaring the sun many of us are forced into action one way or another. We may be faced with situations in our external life which we can find overwhelming, with the first quarter moon being in headstrong Aries, it can be difficult to see past our own personal desires but equally we need to understand that of course we should put ourselves first at times, if this concept is uncomfortable for you dig into that and find out why- the reason may well be found in these external situations as they reflect our inner confrontation with self. If you do find yourself in this kind of situation use it as focus to garner your own ability to pioneer and trail blaze, new situations and opportunities are a blank canvas to begin your own masterpiece creation upon.

On the 23rd we see two very interesting squares between Ceres and Venus at 9 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces and Pluto and Mars at 23 degrees Capricorn/Aries. Two very individuating squares here, we will be forced into decisions and aligning ourselves with concepts of self expression and honouring our uniqueness which may go against the ‘many’ whomever they are in our lives. Trust your gut on this and speak your truth even if your voice shakes. This feels like a tough one to me kids I wont lie.

On the 25th we have my most favourite aspect ever ever ever and this is my Christmas present from the heavens! Mercury trine Uranus at 6 degrees Capricorn and Taurus, aligning the higher and the personal mind. Both in Earth signs this is a fabulous day for allowing the downloads to flow and understanding your chosen reality in tangible practical ways. We may well see revelations we weren’t expecting around this time so expect the unexpected. A perfectly placed full moon under 8 degrees Cancer on the 30th calls us to firmly integrate our emotional body after an incredibly tumultuous year. This moon will be felt. The end of December presents us with the opportunity to release and surrender, heal and grow. Cancer’s journey is to master the emotional body to provide its own nourishment and sustenance thus enabling it to care for others from a place of plenty not begrudgingly or exhausted. We are called to heed this message well and we need to love ourselves up silly during this moon whose effects will begin to be felt around the 27th. Do you unapologetically and unashamedly.

The message is pretty clear week- honour your individuality you are so very loved.

Ceres in Astrology- Our need to nurture

Ceres is one of a few Goddess objects in the sky orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Residing here she forms part of the path we follow from our personal motion forward (Mars) into the expansiveness and freedom of the wide world (Jupiter). But why is she here, what is she asking of us before we arrive at Jupiter and what can we learn from her message?

Roughly 600 miles across, Ceres is one of the larger Goddess objects, classified as a dwarf planet, NASA recently released some beautiful images of her etherical glowing core I thoroughly recommend you take a look. She comes from a prestigious lineage: Daughter of Ops Goddess of bounty and Saturn Lord of Karma she is also the sister of Jupiter, Juno and Vesta so ‘right up there’ in the zodiac royalty.

As with all of our zodiac archetypes we find the nature of duality leading to integration of the self which simply put means a positively polarised and negatively polarised version of Ceres can be found in all of us. As the original Italian fertility Goddess she rules bountiful times of plenty during the summer and sparse barren cold ground in the winter, real contrast between being sustained by the land and feeling bereft. This relates to the story we are all perhaps familiar with, the ‘stealing’ of Persephone. According to ancient myth Persephone the daughter of Ceres was taken by Pluto with the permission of Zeus her father, knowing full well Ceres would not allow this. Ceres in retribution and mourning left the land barren refusing to bestow upon it the good grace of fertility as Ovid describes in his Metamorphoses:

“The goddess knew that her daughter had been taken, and tore her hair into utter disorder, and repeatedly struck her breasts with the palms of both hands. With her daughter’s location a mystery still, she reproaches the whole earth as ungrateful, unworthy her gift of grain crops, and Sicily more than the others, where she has discovered the proof of her loss; and so it was here that her fierce hand shattered the earth-turning ploughs, here that the farmers and cattle perished alike, and here that she bade the ploughed fields default on their trust by blighting the seeds in their keeping. Sicilian fertility, which had been everywhere famous, was given the lie when the crops died as they sprouted, now ruined by too much heat, and now by too heavy a rainfall; stars and winds harmed them, and the greedy birds devoured the seed as it was sown; the harvest of wheat was defeated by thorns and darnels and unappeasable grasses”

This left Jupiter in quite the bind with a bereft furious Mother Goddess and hungry humans to satisfy, he was made to recant his deal with Pluto and had Persephone brought home. Hurrah you might think? Perhaps not so much because Pluto had in fact given her food of the underworld- pomegranate seeds meaning she was now beholden to Pluto for at least part of the yearly cycle. Sneaky.

This is the story which gives rise to the seasonal provision of the land and in astrology of course we have the following themes centred around maternal love nurturing and support which as we all know can actually be a double edged sword :

Defence of our children: In her positive attribute Ceres is the fierce mother protecting her child from suspicious lurkers hanging around in the shadows and lets be honest they don’t get much more shadowy than Pluto. Where we have Ceres in our charts can give further insight into how we were nurtured and protected as children and conversely how we would do the same.

Divine feminine as a commodity: Within the story of the abduction of Persephone both Ceres and her daughter can be viewed as a commodity. The lack of regard aimed at them both is indicative of the lack of respect mankind has had for the feminine in all of creation- Ceres calls us to set the bar high.

Nurturing vs Overbearing: Being nurtured is necessary for us to function well and reduce our stress response to the world. It bolsters us to know that we have someone who loves and supports us. However this must be balanced with our own personal autonomy, maternal love’s hardest lesson can be the acknowledgement that we don’t own our children but learn to see them as an individuals unique unto themselves. Is there such a thing as too much nurturing? Perhaps not, however will we ever truly have the confidence to be out in the world confident as an individual if we are overly smothered with an underdeveloped sense of identity?

Freedom vs Abandonment: Do we know that Persephone didn’t want to reign as queen of the underworld? After all it’s a cool title. Were her desires for personal autonomy overridden by her mother’s needs and possessiveness? Again, we can perhaps look at more potential learning curves in motherhood, this time the empty nest syndrome which is seen by some as abandonment by others a sense of freedom Balance and compromise: For me this is the crux of Ceres energy.

We take the rough with the smooth, in as much as we need to be accepting of cyclical change which is the one constant within our lives, knowing that eventually things always come full circle. This given what can we make of Ceres current location in the zodiac? Certainly we could look to her for some guidance, if there are two thinks we could perhaps use in 2020 its nurturing and balance!

Ceres finds herself in the dreamy watery world of Pisces sextile Black moon Lilith and Uranus, coming in to conjunction with Neptune early next month. In the house of Pisces Ceres has no boundaries in emotional undercurrents, there is the potential for sensitivity to feel almost painful at times if we perceive ourselves to be bereft, cut off or lonely- Pisces can be the hidden house the cold dark barren soil to the blooming vegetation of Summer. Perhaps we are feeling the needs of the whole collective in terms of the sustenance and love we all want and equally can all provide. As suggested in her aspect to Uranus and Black Moon Lilith Ceres can help us when we are undergoing radical change and confronting shadow aspects within humanity In Pisces she calls for emotional nurturing and beneficial escapism into the land of fantasy and make believe. Escapism is not always negative or a waste of time instead it is a period of recharging our imagination and reconnecting to divine inspiration, after all it is the abstract mind which can come up with the most ingenious of solutions and ways forward for growth and healing. Where is your natal Ceres and how has she made herself known in your life?

Mercury Retrograde 11 Scorpio- a message to Souls and Psyche

Dear Starseeds, lightworkers, Angelics, Indigos, Fey and Way showers soul diving season is here, welcome to Mercury retrograde. As you may know Mercury retrograde is a time of deep inner contemplation. Many superficially believe it a time where ‘technology goes awry’. It may but what is the deeper meaning? The universe is nudging you, perhaps not so gently, to go inwards. Your psyche is where you need to be.

The energy of insular Mercury will pass over the signs of Libra and Scorpio, what do we make of this? Our internal dynamics will be occupied with the below themes and more:

Power balance

Power dynamic, how is power used within and without to achieve goals?

Power misuse and struggle, where our emotions have been abused and manipulated by others

Rebirth, regeneration

Exploration of taboo

All of this will be related to partnerships of all sorts. Our own internal masculine and feminine constructs, our loved ones, our relationship with source and our relationship with the state. Everything is being examined in order to redress and even out the balance of power. We will see where we have been duped, conned and co-opted to further the agenda of service to self disguised as service to all. All is not and never has been what it seems and now a reckoning is underway. The universe is asking us to wake up to our ability to know the truth for ourselves and not have our emotions manipulated by the greedy and power hungry. We are called to balance our logic and reason with emotion and sensing. Our emotions are a powerful currency to many. Know this and appreciate this. Many think they know who is ‘bad’ and who is ‘good’ when they are simply being co-opted into the agenda of billionaires and centralisation. Wow.

The first full moon we experience under retrograde speaks to the potency of this energy. On the 31st of the month we will have a blue moon (a term applied to the second full moon experienced within the same calendar month) in the normally steady and centred energy of Taurus. However, this full moon will be conjunct Uranus which is in essence, the higher mind breaking up the constructs we have been held by (and within). The earth is being tilled and made fertile once again.

Do not be scared, do not worry or have anxiety. You chose this and you are the leaders of this arena. You know shadow work and you know vibration, you hold the frequency and codes of change, your presence on this planet is calling forth truths into the outer reality to be known, shown and healed. Use this innate power and vibrational countenance to understand where you have stood in the balance of power and where indeed you wish to stand. Many of us are scared of power or find the word distasteful. This is because for lifetimes we have been at the whim of power misuse and abuse but unless we appreciate the good we can do when our own lives, meanings and actions have strength we will keep repeating this lesson. I think its time we understood and loved all of our selves instead of a carefully curated version to not draw attention out of fear. Your thoughts, your opinions your beliefs and your way matter just as much as everybody else’s, you didn’t come here to conform, to be shamed or ridiculed.

 Its time to be reborn.

Love Bella x

Calling All Future Astrologers, Star seeds, Indigos, Light workers and Way showers……Astrology Soul School is Coming!

Have you been a part of the incredible astrology we have been living through? Have the last two, five or even ten years turned you upside down and inside out? Are you called to join the time honoured tradition of spiritual understanding through journeying the zodiac- does astrology call to you as a roadmap to understand yourself? Maybe you have listened to astrologers and spiritual teachers talk of the energy and light codes being brought to us, transformative energy with the power to change your life. Do you want to step into your sovereignty and harness this potential for yourself?

You may already know that the heavens hold great personal significance and power for you -if only you could speak and understand the language to mediate between your soul and the cosmic energies it is bathed in. You may feel as though you are moving through your life with a blindfold on frustratingly unable to utilise the language of light astrology uses to speak to your soul.

Imagine being able to take that blindfold off and stargaze, understanding your own unique vibration, your subconscious fears and desires, co creating with the universe instead of feeling bruised and battered by it! Imagine being able to meet and heal your shadow self, understanding where you have been stuck, or unaligned. Imagine working with the universe to move past this to a deeper more profound existence, a whole new timeline opened up for you. Imagine being your own translator, utilising your logic intuition and heart to become a confident astrologer and star messenger with a knowing of the cosmos you can share with others to bring illumination and growth to them too.

I have studied the night skies for over 15 years and had the honour of being their translator for other people, helping them obtain clarity and purpose. My method of astrology takes both the innate original meaning of the zodiac and instils a fresh modern spiritual approach with a fundamental understanding that ‘spirituality’ is with us every moment of our lives in our search for the integration of our internal alchemical feminine and masculine divinity. Now more than ever it is clear that we as a collective are being called deeper into the ascension process which means a deeper understanding of ourselves, collective energy and source itself.

This is why I will be opening the doors of Sovereign Astrology Soul School in the near future. Led in small interactive online cohorts you will have sacred space to discover the art of astrology and utilise it as a tool for ascension and soul growth. Perhaps this is a new area of learning to help you understand yourself, your place in the collective and even learn to help guide other people too, or you’ve dipped in and out of astrology without any real structure or principles. Designed to be open to both those new to field of astrology as well as those who want to further their knowledge and techniques. This immersive course will include:

Chart layout and components, correspondences, modalities, the ephemeris, elements, archetypes, house challenges, planets, aspects, retrogrades, karmic signatures, past life /soul growth indicators, shadow work, astro history, retrograde motion, mythology symbolism and psyche and chart interpretation/synthesis.

If this resonates with you and leaves you wanting to know more about the unique energy you chose this lifetime, your unique soul gifts only you can share with the world and your future soul growth direction be sure to complete the sign up form here or contact directly at to stay in the loop for further details.

Full moon October 1st at 9° Aries – The shamanic warrior moon

Sabian Symbol 9 Aries “A Crystal Gazer”

This moon is a bit of an ouchy but that’s ok and good, it is very much needed catharsis. This is the first of two full moons this month, and so the next one -on Halloween- will be a blue moon. Spooky.

The full moon is a time of ripe fertility, feminine power and clarity. We can really see to the heart of a matter the sign speaks to. In Aries we go solo, with the impulse of action and reaction, it is very innocent in its spontaneity as it isn’t tangled up in anything other than its own world. This Aries moon is also incredibly decisive so you may suddenly simply know what you need to do with certain matters and act accordingly even after months of debate and uncertainty.

Gut reaction rules the day until around the 3rd so it’s useful to make a note of what it is your gut is telling telling you, the only word of caution I would offer is to remember impulse and reaction is being given a watery slant (mist-not so good for clarity) so try to keep in mind that emotions will be heightened around this time and your responses not necessarily typical. In some situations it may well be worth taking a deep breathe or physically channelling emotion in a productive manner. However you feel and whatever your gut tells you, revisit it in a few days’ time and see if you still feel it as true.

The moon will be sat right next to Chiron the wounded healer who is currently retrograde. This will cause us to emote upon our inner wounding in an emotional way. Mars is close by too adding some fuel, he  is retrograde as well, again lending that internalised reflective quality.

Chiron is the master healer who helps us nurture ourselves in a very shamanic or homeopathic way. If anything does come up for you at this time it is asking for acknowledgement and love. Under the Aries moon we have the opportunity to accept these wounds as battle scars as opposed to fatal blows. If we do so, we can develop compassion and self-respect, if we can’t find self-acceptance or even look at our wounds we can run the risk of embedding them even deeper. This is a real chance for some powerful healing, Aries is our inner brave warrior and a leader sign too. We can learn through self-compassion what it is to lead by example and from the heart with this moon, by facing our own adversities and calling a truce. Physically you may be more prone to headaches and eyestrain during this transit.

As if that lot isn’t enough this moon will be pretty much in exact opposition with the sun over in Libra. This may manifest in one of two ways. Firstly, it may be that the outside world provides some balance and interpersonal support during the full moon or at the very least make it available, as we will all be under its influence this very much stands to reason. It could be felt by some of us however as intrusion if we want to feel free and unfettered to soul journey. Given all of the internal energy we have had pretty much continuously this year many of you may wish to go it alone. Whichever way you lean we can be sure that the sun is shining a light upon our Aries/Chironic combination with a demand for balance, good luck with that one sunshine. You can check which house this falls in for you here

Brave New World: Martian Summer 2020

“Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see, one chance out between two worlds, fire walk with me”

These past few weeks I have been taking a close look at the newly arrived Mars in Aries where he will be residing for a whopping 6 months as he refuses to miss out on the retrograde motion all the other cool kids are up to (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn Neptune and Pluto), so expect him to be here until early January next year (6th/7th), turning retrograde 11th September….Very important signs from the skies right there in September. Interestingly, his sister Eris is also hanging out here, they become conjunct in August which is a relief really- as you will see we already have plenty going on this month.

Aries season may have passed and we may be entering the watery depths of Cancer summer but we still need to prepare for a scorcher from the fire elements. Fire walking, bravery, tenacity of mind over matter and forward motion will be focused upon as opposed to a concentration of what we have had drummed into us to keep us safe. Transcendence by the mind will naturally, eventually, pull the body along with it. Trying to master your fear is trying to shatter the ultimate illusion in order to move forward in the brave new world. All of this is going to be themes not only for the collective but for the individual also (check your chart to see which house you have Mars in HERE). Many of us aren’t huge anger and fire fans and quite frankly have had enough of the drama of 2020 to last multiple lifetimes. But seriously we can all learn to straddle this energy, we are going to need to, as far as I am aware cryogenics hasn’t reached such advancement that we can tune out half a year, would if I could, trust.

However, pragmatically I have to say this placement by planet and sign is much needed. The world having come to a literal standstill, motion is now required. This will be tricky as flaming hot fast planets tend to be, and of course it could go off in spectacular fashion in any direction. New ways of working and being in the world are now demanded, progress is needed. We have talked before of feeling trapped between the old world we are so sick of and trying to bring in a newer profound experience- ‘one chance out between two worlds‘, has to start physically somewhere- right here, so lets get into it.

Every sign has a planetary rulership, a natural affinity between a sign and a planet which share elements and themes. Those of you who may have studied the classics will already see that indeed they are one and the same but lets break it down a little. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac ‘first out’ if you will. As such it is here to experience freedom, freedom of action and reaction based upon instinct. It is a cardinal sign, the fire cardinal, it initiates. Enthusiasm, passion, creativity, anger, arrogance, selfishness can all be attributed to Aries. Because it is the first sign and an initiator it can’t really take a sneek peek at what somebody else is doing or indeed has done, and with this can come issues, mainly insecurity or fear.

Mars is the lower octave of Pluto. Subconscious soul desires are passed along to Mars from Pluto to enact consciously in everyday life. It is masculine and motion based as is Aries and likewise, as well as desire, it carries the flip side – fear. Between the two then we see a combination of action, reaction, desire, fear all wrapped up in energy directed out into the world. Below you will see some dates for your diaries all you sensitive energetic beings out there- we are going to be feeling this in every which way.

Mars begins July squaring the nodes, Gemini and Sagittarius. To find out more about the current nodal energy you can click right HERE. I believe that we will all be struggling to switch up our game in terms of the information we choose to take in in order to expand our knowledge and experience of the world. In its distorted form Gemini will not only be incredibly selective in terms of the information it takes in to reaffirm its old weary belief system but will also polarise information into the ‘I’m right and You’re wrong’. Similarly Sagittarius can be guilty of needing to preach to one and all how it’s beliefs are the only ways to progress. Ugh. not terribly pretty and we can see how our active drive and impulse can get entangled in old stories which no longer serve. Remember, truth is relative and we are multi dimensional. Fear and stagnation will persist until we can be prepared to sing a new song and respect that there is more than one way.

Throughout the month Mars is in close sextile to Venus. Mars and Venus hold obvious connotations as receptive feminine energy and masculine energy so it is good to see them in support of each other in this gentle aspect particularly in Cancer season of all times. Venus, the mistress of our internal and external vibration is placed in Gemini with the North node, she is the energy helping us up and out of our nodal square funk by focusing us upon our path of soul progress. Let Venus hold your hand and gently guide you through new thought processes and relations with the rest of the world. She stays close all month almost as if she knows it can be a scary thing to be forced to change tack so quickly and propel ourselves into the unknown.

During the 7th-8th July, Mars is coming into conjunction with Chiron, as well as squaring Mercury retrograde in Gemini, on both counts make note of what is coming up for you during this time as they are about to both switch their motion further down line. For now, be aware that our action will be closely aligned to core wounds and healing- of every variety, personal and collective. Given that Mars is in stressful aspect to Mercury retrograde we may well have difficulty in being understanding and supportive of that needed healing inside of ourselves, Mars is busy yo, things to do, people to see….. Retrograde season is an incredibly internal energy where we naturally shut out the noise of external influences (whether we mean to or not!) to focus upon inner contemplation yet with Mars and Chiron placed as they are we have direct tension here. It may be difficult but we do need to place importance upon internal wellness, the world will keep turning but yours maybe not so well if you don’t practice self care.

11th and 12th of July the moon passes over the same spot in the zodiac held by Mars. Shortly after this tension held between Mars Chiron and Mercury we have an interesting tweak as our personal lens or egoic structure taps Mars on the shoulder with a gentle ‘oi’. Many of us will be feeling the Moon and Mars in Aries as a time to re assess and make sure that not only do we, but others also realise that our own personal holistic health and our personal control/autonomy of it is of great importance and priority.

Chiron turns retrograde on the 13th July and is in exact conjunction with Mars from the 14th, this pairing is semi sextile with the moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus. That notion of the importance of our self care personal will and prioritisation is now in full effect. Following the Moon’s gentle reminder to Mars, Chiron is also emphasizing this by, yes you guessed it, going into retrograde motion! There is no escape from our internal core wounding and we probe and we explore. In spite of the heady concoction of Mars and Aries this is a very sensitive aspect which will need care and due diligence. Mars isn’t necessarily ‘that into’ reflecting upon emotional needs. However indulge he must, as well as acknowledging that the health of others is of great import also.

If at this time you too feel that there are far more important things to be doing, so not right now thank you very much, please remember two things. Firstly, if you want to give your everything in the world being dynamic, exciting, moving and shaking you need to be energetically aligned on all levels. Secondly, there is a risk of physical frailty if we do not care for ourselves holistically. Appease your inner Martian by telling it you are taking time out because you are important and you matter the most- he WILL like that. The moon and Uranus are both in Taurus which emphasise the need for calm grounding, Uranus is a shocking bolt out of the blue at times so being in top form makes you prepared for whatever may (or may not) come your way.

The 18th-19th is an exact opposition with Juno in Libra, and T Square with the Moon in Cancer. Wow. This is interesting. T square dynamics are incredibly powerful and this is no exception. Juno mother of Gods and rightful equal consort of Jupiter remains in Libra very much seeking a redressing of balance in accordance with the whole theme of the merging of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. If you remember in mythology, Juno took no prisoners but did take a lot of unwarranted bullshit from the patriarchal forces of the day. No more. She sends Mars into clear action, driving this message home through her son but how do we make sure he sticks to the correct agenda? After all he can be a little, hot headed? By inserting the Moon in Cancer slap bang in the middle. Both the Moon and Cancer are the energies responsible for the internal balance of feminine and masculine energy- a double whammy of this energy will ensure that life on Gaia receives this message.

Ending our important July Mars transits we have 3 cardinal change making signs and 2 heavenly bodies in their rulership. Mark this clearly in your calendar- we will feel this and can very much assist this energy coming in but also benefit greatly from it. Spend this time focusing consciously upon the change you wish to affect within the world, the fears you wish to remove and the direction you wish to take. Be brave and dream hard, Mars will hear you and pay attention for sure- his mom’s watching.

Divine Re-balancing Solar Eclipse 21.06.2020

Solar eclipse at 0° cancer 21:

‘On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One’

We are approaching the final opening ceremony of the divine feminine taking her rightful equal place alongside the divine masculine and this Sabian symbol shows great poignancy. When I feel into these words I am put in mind of the beginning of a new energy filtering through the world, a new dawn for life on Gaia. So many of us are beyond ready within our hearts and minds to begin creating an expression of how we wish to see life, the changes we want to make and the progress we want very much to be a part of on our planet as we see through distortion and top heavy constructs no longer compatible with our needs and soul evolution.

However, I also think we should be incredibly careful with this imagery and be sure that within our desire to build anew we are not replacing one toxic distortion with its inverse and end up creating the same restrictive and censoring structures under the guise of different names. Old habits are, after all, hard to break. To me, this is certainly not about a replacement of the masculine with the feminine but a symbol which encapsulates the best of both of these energies creating anew together in synthesis. This we will find within the symbolism of the Cancer archetype once we dig a little deeper.

Cancer rules the 4th house, is found within the water triad and is ruled by the Moon. A feminine cardinal sign, it is the initiator of change. Cancer does not do this directly as such and rarely takes a linear straight forward approach, which can be quite confusing to other signs of the zodiac but Cancer trusts it’s inner knowing enough to do things its own way. It gets the job done.

Traditionally seen in the mainstream as the sign of the mother, of home, safety and security with its glyph or symbol being the breasts, those born under this sign are often told they are somehow matronly and nurturing always ready with the baked goods. Within the natal chart is where we look to see the parental energy responsible for nurturing us as children yes, but there is much more to it than that.

Cancer IS the sign of home and security but in the respect that it is searching for these elements, it is one of the most abandoned and solitary signs of the zodiac.

Many with this sign featuring heavily within their charts were not necessarily born into a perfect family environment (are any of us?). They chose instead to search the world for the security of kith and kin as part of that which they came to experience…. Cancer needs to understand that they have their own security literally in their body, that if they just take a minute and breathe they will see that they already had everything that they needed right where they are. Hence cancer is renowned for its strong emotional body, making it highly intuitive and psychic as it walks its strange walk and dances its even stranger dance on the ocean floor.

The biggest lesson for this archetype then, is to create its own emotional security, that it has everything it needs within itself to create the life it wishes to have, or that which its soul has decided it wants to experience within this lifetime. In its best aspect it is able to nurture and sustain itself and therefore is in prime position to be able to extend this out to others. Remember Cancer is a cardinal sign it progresses and moves us forward into new phases, as insecure as it can be Cancer has to look to itself for the comfort it needs.

Returning to the energy of this very special eclipse, we look even deeper at what is meant by Cancer having everything inside itself to fulfill its soul urges. The glyph for Cancer is also a 69 turned sideways thusly:

Cancer (1)

If we take this one step further -as I believe we should- we arrive here:

Jordan Peterson explains the yin yang symbol | Logo Design Love

I am incredibly hopeful that you can see the connection between our Sabian symbol, the Cancerian archetype and the energy being brought forward in summer eclipse season. I believe that this symbology right here is the new flag, the real and holistic interpretation of this forthcoming eclipse: Cancer is the assimilation and embodiment of the dual energies of yin yang, form and chaos feminine and masculine. The embracing of the female and male energy within each and every one of us is the Cancerian energy so badly needed within this world.

All of us called to be change makers across the globe can not do this in our most powerful position until we are able to nurture ourselves and accept the God given power of creation we each and every one of us hold within. By shining our own light and loving ourselves *in our entirety, unedited and whole* we will be able to affect those around us for the better so much more.

You are perfect the way you are, you do not need another to make you whole, you do not need anything outside of yourself to create anew, it is all in the palm of your own hand- or the shell on your own back, whichever way you wish to see it.

Here’s to us all embracing our full spiritual skill set.