The Collective Current State April 2020

Well- it’s been a time so far this 2020 business. We kind of knew something was brewing, yet didn’t quite know what that something was. Now we do. Sort of. If only we had the clarity and deep understanding to figure it all out eh? So many complicated realities threaded into each other almost feels like a global spiritual crisis. What I believe we are witnessing is an unleashing of collective shadow work the likes of which we haven’t seen on such a scale in this life time.

Many of us have on an individual level honoured the process of shadow work and soul growth, diving deep into the murky depths to retrieve the pearls and clear away the debris. We have become used to the physical, emotional and spiritual energetic waves and have learned how to respect and ride them accordingly. So let me take you back……. When enlightenment first entered into your life on a conscious level, in all honesty it was probably a bit of a shit show. Bewilderment and confusion initially took over from sanity and security. Widely, many of us saw the removal of well embedded structure within our lives, as that which no longer served us was removed, often times quite swiftly and brutally. Remember how desperate we were for someone to talk us through the process and help us understand what the hell was going on? Still, we adjusted and began to get more aligned to the new ways of being we simply couldn’t deny any more (as much as we wanted to at 3 a.m most nights). I think this is now happening on a global scale, enough momentum has been gathered. As Sherlock Holmes would say “The Game is afoot”. He’s quite a good character for this post actually. I do see him as the ultimate mercurial figure (with a touch of Aquarius).

Anyway, it makes sense for some souls to go through this initial spiritual trial by fire before everybody else and get the hang of it, because these are the people who will be anchoring in their sanity and energy for others to lean on. In essence, they have to be the support they wished they themselves had had. That support simply being yourself and not condemning the person you are to project fear. For those of us who put our faith in the stars and heavenly bodies now is an interesting time in which we can see how the collective is ticking and the energies which will be coming into alignment in the very near future. Current circumstances given, the upcoming nodal progression feels incredibly potent and something we should be keeping in mind.

What are the Lunar Nodes?

They are not bodies or stars. Rather they are specific points in the sky relating to the moon-the 2 points where the path of the moon crosses the ecliptic relating to the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Within the natal chart it is held by many astrologers that the South Node represents ‘what you came in with’ and North node represents that which your soul has decided ‘to leave with’. It is the path of soul growth from A to B. The South Node can feel a little too comfortable at times as it is what you are used to in terms of ‘modus operandi’ whereas in contrast the North node is new and until you’ve tried it out it wont feel like a good fit for a while. However the aim is to reconcile the South and head to the North.

When we look at astrology for the planet, we see them as the two polarities we are feeling collectively with perhaps more of an incline towards the South. If we imagine a tightrope walker holding a pole out to keep themselves balanced, with the South side a little more weighted. This pole is the nodes- the interplay of the two energies to help us on our way. Of course, interesting times naturally call for an interesting polarity dynamic. This we see clearly within Gemini and Sagittarius so let us take a look at the current energies at play and then the two archetypes to come, their interaction and how we can best use them to help ourselves and of course help others.

Current nodal energy

If we take a quick look at the current nodes: North node in Cancer and South node in Capricorn we see a vast difference to the energetic dynamics to come. Cancer and Capricorn- to me at least- represent the parents of the zodiac. North node Cancer has seen us move towards the mother, the resurgence of the divine feminine, care of the planet, care of ourselves and each other to balance out the Capricorn structural masculinity and building (you can’t really have one without the other unless you want *everything* to go tits up). The Cancer Capricorn polarity saw a redressing of the necessity of both feminine and masculine, yin and yang, chaos and form. As such that which had been holding this back was loosened and allowed to shed- here we see the emergence of the global shadow work mentioned earlier. Structure, identity, thought, spirituality, emotion, ethics and ways of being all began to shift (mostly subconsciously for the majority).

In essence, we have been under the direct influence of parental energy in a way and how it governs our lives, where we put our faith and where we hand over our own sovereign power. What we are about to see and what some of us are already feeling and witnessing is very different indeed. As the individual asserts itself following the balancing or activation at least of the duel energies of masculinity and femininity within, people become their own parents/authority, eyes now open, they begin to question. This process by its very nature is going to be messy.

South Node: Sagittarius Archetype

I have a huge soft spot for this sign, I am a secret Sagittarius wannabe. Sagittarius the Archer is a mutable fire sign ruled by expansive Jupiter. With the influence of Jupiter and the element of fire we see the intrepid explorer, the adventurer and trailblazer. As a rule Sagittarius does not like being hemmed in and told what to do, they are busy being true to themselves and their higher mind. The 9th house journeys beyond known boundaries to explore new terrain of every kind. Philosophy, ethics, law and religion are all ruled within this domain, our archer ever seeking to expand its horizons and knowledge. As such, Sagittarius has one of the most precise and accurate bullshit detectors known to man. For those of you fortunate enough to know someone born under this sign as either ascendant sun or moon or with a loaded 9th/Sag house you will know that at times with one look and a cursory conversation they have a situation summed up and sold- next!

In a nutshell- a free roaming spirit in mind and body on a quest for their own personal truths and adventure not easily subjugated and contained. We will see opposition and agitation as a natural ‘default’ energy to the current status quo soon to be found on Earth. Has anybody else noted a serious upsurge in joggers and cyclists out on their allotted exercise? Just picture them with their bow slung over their shoulder- Sagittarius that.

North Node: Gemini Archetype

Gemini gets a bad rep in lazy astrology, honestly very undeserved in most cases. They aren’t two faced they are a thousandfold faced especially those of us with the moon in Gemini. Gemini is the sign of the twins, another mutable sign ruled by Mercury, mutable is flexible and they need this in order to assess and digest all of the information they insist upon devouring. The way to a Gemini heart is through it’s brain/mind. Gemini has to use their mind it is as natural as breathing thanks to Mercury, who provides the potent capacity to categorise and mentally structure their world. They want facts, statistics, data, information they can work with. We also see communication ruled by Gemini-this is where it gets the ‘chatterbox’ label but honestly not all Geminis will talk you to death. Communication comes in more than one form but the onus is on an exchange of information to ever expand knowledge and categorisation not inane conversation. Gemini likes to research, not to be spoon fed a party line. Their intellectual probing for information will enable them to see more than one opinion or truth, they are able to hold multiple standpoints.

In a nutshell- Gemini is the quick minded analysis of data and information in order to structure and compartmentalise, sift through the relevant and pertinent and get to the facts. This allows them to acknowledge multiple opinions and truths and  through exchange and communication beginning the whole process again in an elevated stance.

But what does it all mean?

Between Sagittarius and Gemini we can clearly see the seeking of universal truths on an individual basis, subsequent analysis and the formation of communication and group activity to further our experiential knowledge on a collective level. With Gemini in the mix this is not to remain within the individualistic Sagittarius domain. Rather we are being called to hold space for each other and our truths as we all mentally structure our own environment and are united with those who share our vision, if not physically then via a mode of communication you can use. Individual truth and freedom is to be transformed and shared with others.

Think about this within the current climate, what the world is experiencing in terms of the illusion of the removal of freedom, long held truths hidden from an acquiescing global populace whose trust has it would seem, has potentially been violated in many ways throughout the years. What does this do to the awakening individual/group psyche? Fear, outrage, seeking, defending, communicating, formation, is all going to occur on the individual level within the group mentality.

Imagine a boatload of centaurs all racing around in shock and outrage looking for their truth, looking to not be contained looking for their freedom. Messy yes? This is where Gemini comes in to play, calming down the fires and rationally analysing the question of what is the meaning behind all of which we are currently experiencing? This is where we are being tugged towards and it is up to us to keep the cool head and lead the way towards the North while acknowledging, loving and nurturing the South. I mean, would you mess with a group of centaurs? I wouldn’t.  As the collective shadow grows in conscious awareness so does the desire to see the light of truth. In whatever form that takes.

Galactic Centre and the Nodes

Very interestingly the  Galactic Centre will remain in close proximity and at times conjunct/opposing The South and North node respectively with some backwards and forwards retrograde motion. How do we make sense of this? Well, Galactic Centre is providing us with a lot of universal energy and information should we wish to receive it. Remember ‘galactic’ is of multiple dimensions and frequencies while holding on to a universal truth, that of source, the transcendence (not bypass) of polarity.

Is it any wonder then that we have Gemini and Sagittarius partying hard on the nodal axis in the very near future? As we have seen these two archetypes represent the quest for the individual’s truth as well as that of the collective, the latter being in Gemini’s realm opposing the Galactic Centre and thus more tricky of the two energies to navigate. We are being asked to hold our own reality as well as the respect of every other individual’s on the planet. Galactic Centre is emphasising to the nth degree the lessons we are to learn in the upcoming nodal axis.

I know- this seems an impossible ask given some of the colourful characters and situations we are aware of whom many perceive as a threat to not only individual freedom but a threat to humanity herself. We are being asked to be multidimensional in our views of life and indeed I believe this to be the very ascension we have all been called to be a part of. The question will be however, what is the fallout when not everybody is prepared to be bound by this universal law? Only time will tell on that front but we can say for sure that the next 18 months will be pivotal in regards to the direction humanity takes itself in and how it chooses to (re) form itself.

So there we go-hold space for your own values and truths as well as those of other people’s while remaining within the frequency of a sovereign being. I mean, I make it sound so easy right?


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