We are nearly passing through the total solar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius, the second eclipse of a new season involving mutable changeable energy. This solar eclipse as with every other is our line in the sand, there is no remaining as we are, instead we are being ushered (willingly or not) onwards in our journey here as a soul within a human body. Sagittarius and Jupiter are trying their darndest to wrap us up in freedom loving truth telling energy in order for us to expand our horizons and see past the very real feeling restriction.

This eclipse energy however is not straight forward. It is nestled in the middle of the South Node and Galactic centre which is massively important in how we interpret its meaning. On the one side we have the South Node home to the collective past and on the other, Galactic Centre one of the great cosmic wombs in the universe where we find the flicker and spark of creation, where all matter is made manifest. I believe this calls a very specific way of being from us…. To take forward the lessons and gifts we have accrued from the past, preserve and embody them as we create anew. In other words, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

We are called to remember that to our souls time and experience are not linear constructs. The Sabian symbol attached to this eclipse is as follows-“A group of immigrants as they fulfil requirements of entrance into the new country”. Certainly for me this symbol speaks of adjustment and a need to incorporate new ways of being in order to get to our desired destination. However this does not call for a denial of heritage and ancestry. When my family emigrated to the country I was born into they brought with them wit, humour, knowledge and culture which has helped shape and define my experience as well as the comfort of my ancestral roots and belonging, indeed this energy from the past is a part of the person I am today in the present. I hope to not only preserve this within myself but also to pass it on to future generations.

So what are we being called to leave behind? The astrology post eclipse speaks loudly to the healing and removing of core wounding we have all felt on our ancestors behalf. That we hold firm in our truth and knowledge of the necessity of freedom, when we express ourselves we also express our ancestors through us and heal lineages. When we restrict ourselves falsely, when we allow patterns of wounding to remain manifest we further embed the trauma in need of healing along our lines. Open hearts and open minds will rule the day if we allow. In a nod to this Chiron turns direct on the 15th the day after the eclipse. Many people will be feeling a less intense internal gaze, instead turned outwards there is almost a realisation that our internal dynamics are shared and when we heal one we heal many. Not just those currently on the Earth plane but those who came before and those who will come in the future. Solidarity is felt here.

On the 16th we have two ingress planets giving us zero point energy into the mix, again the new coupled with the old. Venus ingress into Sagittarius will pull upon how we relate internally and externally with the same eclipse energy and of course, in the build up to our Christmas star on the 21st Saturn enters into Aquarius. He has already ventured here for a very brief stop earlier in the year but now begins his more permanent stride into the archetype of the forward thinking leftfield lover of humanity. This will be a huge relief as the stellium in Capricorn has been so very very heavy on so many of us. But what exactly does it mean? well, Saturn placed in Aquarius is asking “what matters?” in terms of humanity, our personal voice of authority, freedom of thought (Aquarius and Uranus rule the higher mind), as well as what structure can we create to facilitate this desire in humanity? Both Venus and Saturn stay in play on the 19th when Venus trines Chiron in Aries, the interplay between these two is one of beneficial ease and flow, however as this is a massive trauma release aspect don’t expect to feel in control of the direction of travel, this will be spontaneous….once the genii is out of the bottle…. Go with it is literally the only advice I can offer here. Jupiter catches up with Saturn by sign on the 19th too, as he makes his way into Aquarius late in the day. As the planetary ruler of the eclipse, galactic centre and the current South node he is bringing all of this into the Aquarian remit, but it will be on the 21st Winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, summer solstice in the Southern that we see the truly spectacular alignments and signposts in the sky consisting of so much more than a simple conjunction.


Our final act of astounding astrology this time in perfect synchronicity with the winter/Summer solstice (geolocation dependent). There is so much happening in the space of 7 days its nothing short of incredible. If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, elated, irritable, confused to peaceful and chilled from one moment to the next I understand and empathise- big love to my friends who feel the skies as much as I do its been crazy pretty much all through this month but wow the payoff of working with the astrology will be immense.

The main headline act is our great conjunction/mutation also known fondly as the Christmas star occurring at 0 degrees Aquarius, we haven’t seen them in this aspect since the 1200s so this is a big deal. You may have witnessed the debate as to how this aspect fits into the age of Aquarius. One alignment in the sky to many can’t stand as ‘proof’ (although it certainly satisfied the Magi with the original Christmas star) but when looked at in context we see its importance. I personally stand in the Dane Rhudyar camp who predicated a switch to commence around 2010-2012 this coincides with the Mayan ending of ages and feels right to me. It makes sense then that we begin to feel the shift more intensely a decade later as we ramp up the approach.

All astrology has discrepancies and subtle differences, astrologers use different orbs of influence, house methods, interpretations, constellations vs the ecliptic intersect. Some people will feel aspects before others- energy isn’t linear but multidimensional and unique to the individual, which always needs to be remembered. When a zodiacal age lasts around 2,160 years we can expect a ‘subtle’ difference to be a gap of many years in terms of astrological agreement and a general consensus of arrival! That given, the collective experience of 2020 combined with the astrology of this year is the most prominent sign we have in terms of the astrology and the human experience combined.

The age of Aquarius is a turning point in the precession of ages said to usher in all that is the Aquarian archetype: higher mind, humanitarian efforts, leftfield thought, sudden stark realisation, information technology for example. This energy works through the removal of overly constrictive self serving structure, where the recognised individual is free within the collective as opposed to being shamed or pressured into conformity. I for one am all for this. Aquarius is best known for its connection to the higher mind, freedom of thought, humanitarianism and unconventionality, an ideal held in high regard by society at large.

However, we are running the risk of polarising our astrology if we forget the large trauma signature Aquarius is initiated with. If we look back up at our Capricorn stellium, Neptune squaring the nodes, Mars squaring Pluto as well as all of the planets partaking in retrograde motion and back down at the many events which spiralled across the globe at political, medical, environmental and economical events we see this initiation through trauma clearly. Yet here most of us all are, still standing with brave hearts and minds. Well done, I honestly believe we have broken a barrier. I see the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction as a real nod to this. Jupiter and Saturn as our barrier planets are also representative of both the process of growth and birth (expansion and contraction), they are the final frontier of the physicality of the self so we see here a birthing into Aquarius energy.

On the very same day we have a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury both at 0 degrees but in the sign of Capricorn, the second of three planetary aspects at 0 degrees our whole filter of life and how we communicate with others will be expressed through the lens of communicating what matters to us, particularly where our communities and society are concerned, we are preparing to build anew in ways which truly serve who we are whilst incorporating our past experience which has equally served us well (we spoke of this last week with the eclipse energy).

Lastly on this day we have our beautiful first quarter moon at 0 degrees Aries. Quarter moons are an interesting mix of conflict and opportunity they are often times where we are shown externally the shadow needing healing internally. With the moon squaring the sun many of us are forced into action one way or another. We may be faced with situations in our external life which we can find overwhelming, with the first quarter moon being in headstrong Aries, it can be difficult to see past our own personal desires but equally we need to understand that of course we should put ourselves first at times, if this concept is uncomfortable for you dig into that and find out why- the reason may well be found in these external situations as they reflect our inner confrontation with self. If you do find yourself in this kind of situation use it as focus to garner your own ability to pioneer and trail blaze, new situations and opportunities are a blank canvas to begin your own masterpiece creation upon.

On the 23rd we see two very interesting squares between Ceres and Venus at 9 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces and Pluto and Mars at 23 degrees Capricorn/Aries. Two very individuating squares here, we will be forced into decisions and aligning ourselves with concepts of self expression and honouring our uniqueness which may go against the ‘many’ whomever they are in our lives. Trust your gut on this and speak your truth even if your voice shakes. This feels like a tough one to me kids I wont lie.

On the 25th we have my most favourite aspect ever ever ever and this is my Christmas present from the heavens! Mercury trine Uranus at 6 degrees Capricorn and Taurus, aligning the higher and the personal mind. Both in Earth signs this is a fabulous day for allowing the downloads to flow and understanding your chosen reality in tangible practical ways. We may well see revelations we weren’t expecting around this time so expect the unexpected. A perfectly placed full moon under 8 degrees Cancer on the 30th calls us to firmly integrate our emotional body after an incredibly tumultuous year. This moon will be felt. The end of December presents us with the opportunity to release and surrender, heal and grow. Cancer’s journey is to master the emotional body to provide its own nourishment and sustenance thus enabling it to care for others from a place of plenty not begrudgingly or exhausted. We are called to heed this message well and we need to love ourselves up silly during this moon whose effects will begin to be felt around the 27th. Do you unapologetically and unashamedly.

The message is pretty clear week- honour your individuality you are so very loved.

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