Brave New World: Martian Summer 2020

“Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see, one chance out between two worlds, fire walk with me” These past few weeks I have been taking a close look at the newly arrived Mars in Aries where he will be residing for a whopping 6 months as he refuses to miss out on […]

Divine Re-balancing Solar Eclipse 21.06.2020

Solar eclipse at 0° cancer 21: ‘On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One’ We are approaching the final opening ceremony of the divine feminine taking her rightful equal place alongside the divine masculine and this Sabian symbol shows great poignancy. When I feel into these words I am […]

Eris square Pluto a snapshot in time

Eris square Pluto This pokey placement is exactly square now. Chances are you’ve been feeling it without even realising. Frazzled, scattered, unable to centre easily and clarify your path forward through the day let alone consider such things as ‘life purpose’ or ‘mission’. Eris the warrior goddess and chaos bringer is squaring up to Pluto […]

Nodal axis shift into Gemini and Sagittarius

  The Collective Current State April 2020 Well- it’s been a time so far this 2020 business. We kind of knew something was brewing, yet didn’t quite know what that something was. Now we do. Sort of. If only we had the clarity and deep understanding to figure it all out eh? So many complicated […]

Mercury Retrograde Transit: The solitary magpie and scapegoat in the stars

I’m sat here in the eye of the hurricane….. we are mid Mercury retrograde betwixt dreamy ambiguous Pisces and revolutionary Aquarius as we get our faculties and houses (no pun intended) in order to continue ever onward into a new age. Guess what? It’s absolutely fine. As an astrologer retrogrades are my soft spot, they […]