*Please note personal readings are at a wait list of 4/5 weeks*

I offer a full range of astrological counselling services and specialise in the following areas :

  • Children’s Energetic Signature reading (CES): I believe that the way we interpret the chart of a child demands a unique approach. By no means prescriptive, this is an in depth look at the energetic fingerprint a child has chosen to assist them in this particular incarnation and how to guide them in it’s utilization this format can also be used for adults if they are called to utilise this approach. All children’s charts are written in gender neutral format unless otherwise requested and combines star markings, collective signatures and nodal analysis.
  • Adult karmic chart reading: An exploratory report looking at past and current incarnational energy, shadow integration and healing in order to give insight and awareness to soul intent and needs.
  • Astrological counselling for particular issues: Here the natal chart is utilized in order to assist the client with any particular issue/query or event they may need insight or clarification into in order to process and heal. This is combined with 2 online sessions/email correspondence to support and facilitate growth and healing.
  • Adult full chart analysis: A full look at the chart in its entirety to give a complete understanding of the natal imprint and soul journey. This can be combined with an online session or email correspondence if preferred to explore any and all areas a client would like to discuss
  • Solar Return: An in depth look at the overriding energies affecting the following 12 months from the moment the sun next enters the exact placement it took at birth.

Please direct any queries/pricing requests to info@bellatrixorion.com