There are in fact many chakras outside of your body and many struggle to validate this as a concept. However it is an undeniable fact that your body has magnetic energetic resonance (there are at least 12 layers of energetic resonance or frequency that we are aware of) and therefore yourself here on this earth does not begin and end with your skin! External chakras are in fact very much a part of your chakra system.

Although a more recent application to the study of our energy they are in fact perhaps the most ancient. My reasoning behind this statement is that they are our connection to source to extra terrestrial beings and to the angelic hosts.

Although similar in functionality to bodily chakras in terms of their purpose and associations they are in fact a deeper connection to all of our origins and spiritual purpose. Therefore our intention is to connect with and allow them to flood our earthly chakras with the divine sustenance they need.

Our bodily chakras are mostly associated with the physical and as such we focus greatly on keeping them balanced and regulated . The bodily chakras due to earthly interactions are more prone to the need for regulation and healing, as our physical translation of our divine purpose the Stella pathway focuses upon connections outwith our body to further enhance our lives here and our connections to source. Indeed, by connecting to our stellar chakras we are further enabling our ability to heal our 7 earthly chakras with the love and light they can access for us.

In the blog series on chakra healing and meditation on this website we have included 2 of the trans-personal chakras to begin the shift and introduce this as a concept: the Earth Star chakra and the Soul Star chakra. They are the beginning of a deeper auric and etheric resonance and understanding of how our personal bodily energy can be supported to a greater more profound level from both this world and and the second sun or Mother Earth and Father Sky. By beginning to include these concepts in your consciousness they will begin to pervade throughout the rest of your being and your attune to them both will deeply enhance your self awareness as well as your sense of safety and vitality. You are thoroughly encouraged to explore these posts further to begin your deeper dance with crystalline core of Gaia and the long time sun



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