Third eye?

Third Eye Chakra Positioning: Slightly above and between your eyes

Third Eye Chakra Colour: Indigo

Third Eye Crystal healing: Amethyst, obsidian, purple fluorite, moldovite

Third Eye Correspondence: initiation into higher purpose and spirituality, psychic energy and the gateway to synthesising and acting upon information beyond the physical world

Imbalanced Third Eye Chakra Attributes: Lack of faith in a higher purpose, inability to concentrate, focus learn new things, clumsy, feeling insignificant, stagnation, indecisive, paranoia, eye pain, sinus issues, headaches back/leg pain, feeling belittled, inability to cope with transition

Balanced Third Eye Chakra Attributes: Ability to harness intuition accurately. Harmonious balance between logic and emotion, making strides in meeting your higher purpose , strength in your beliefs and purpose

Third Eye Mudra: shuni bring the thumb and middle finger tip together and press lightly as you meditate on one or all of the below affirmations and/or vocalise the Aum mantra. This makes for an excellent manifestation meditation as you will become aligned and corrected to your path.

Third Eye Mantra: Aum

Third Eye Affirmations:

I am safe

I make the right decisions for myself

I trust that I serve my highest purpose

I am whole

I am a being of mother earth able to synthesize and action loving information from other realms

My intuition serves me well and guides me onward to my highest purpose

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