Meditating on the Merkabah

Hopefully you have landed here after reading our initial post on the Merkabah. If you haven?t read this then I would recommend you do so unless of course you already have a firm grasp upon the subject and what it involves. Today we will be looking at ways of visualising your light body and pinpointing specific teachings regarding it’s activation and use for those wishing to explore this area and subsequently become unified with the energy field surrounding us all.

For those only just beginning to use meditation and visualisation there is plenty you can do alone to begin to attune your light body with the ultimate intent of activation. As discussed, it is believed that for many of us our Merkabah has stopped rotating or is rotating at a fraction of the speed it should do in order to enable us on our path of spiritual enlightenment so what we are trying to achieve is the visualisation or sensation of opposing directional forces acting upon each complimentary half of the Merkabah.

Beginning to tune in to your Merkabah

I would recommend that you begin by sitting in a quiet area and let the day go. By taking a few mindful breathes you can release the stresses and strains of the day and centre yourself into an aura of love and gratitude. Again, focus upon your breathing ensuring it is rhythmical and regular, your breathe should come from your sacral chakra up through your lungs in one fluid motion. As you breathe in, now begin to imagine your Merkabah expanding. The male aspect beginning around your knee area advancing up several feet above your head spinning clockwise. The female aspect working counter clockwise extending several feet below your body. Do not try to control this but rather create the image and ?watch?. There is no rush here, no time limit or deadline. The Merkabah meditation is embraced with pure love for all of creation and the universe so do not force yourself into a state you are not yet ready for. You will progress in time.

As you become more and more adept at this visualisation you can take your meditation further by imagining the centrifugal force of opposition creating a vortex in which to draw down energy from the heavens to sit in your solar plexus area and slowly expand the activation of your light body. It should also be remembered at this point that your Merkabah is always in contact with the universe and responding to your beliefs and thoughts. In essence, it can be programmed very much like a crystal. How you wish to programme your Merkabah will determine which aspect to focus upon, remembering that there is a male/female, still/motion contrast to the energy body. Sit with this image and intent as you focus your breathing and align yourself to centre with source. This is a progressive meditation, therefore, will increase in potency and effect as time goes on.

Advanced Merkabah Activation

For those seeking to practice a more formal and recognised technique in my experience there is one central figure who comes to mind where light body activation is concerned and his work has been pivotal for many:

The Teaching Of The Merkabah and Spherical Breathing
by Drunvalo Melchizedek:

Drunvalo Melchizedek is at the forefront of modern-day mysticism, his teachings and ethos being above and beyond groundbreaking. My experience has shown that for those dedicated to working with their light body, they would find no better teachings than those expounded by him. Drunvalo has an incredibly interesting history. He recounts his awareness of his previous existence in a different realm and body, agreeing to become a walk in to assist humankind and planet Earth in its evolutionary progress he has put himself here in order to assist the evolution of mankind. The telling of Drunvalo?s story and remembrances is fascinating and incredibly vivid. When explaining his former experiences on alternative plains dimensions and bodies Drunvalo has only one aim in mind. Love. He sees it as his mission here on Earth to encourage us to remember who we are and to wake up and answer the call we have talked of so many times now.

The teachings put forward by Drunalvo are insightful, in depth and fully immersive. This is an incredibly advanced practice and Drunvalo himself has only recommended it?s use following dedicated workshops and teachings. You will be able to find descriptive text upon his technique as well as recommended workshops and light body guides with a simple google search. Not only does it involve advanced meditation but also advanced visualisation. For those serious about a more formal approach to their inquiry into the light body and its activation, this would be a profound step in that direction. For now, I will talk you through the meaning behind the meditative exercise as well as its instructional use. Once you have read this you will know for yourself if this is something you feel inclined to investigate further.

The meditation exercise itself is made up of 3 distinct parts and 17 special breathes. The first part consists of 6 breathes designed to balance and cleanse the electrical circuits. The second part is 7 breathes designed to re-establish prana energy flow. Prana is, of course, the sum of all universal energy following within and without us, also known as chi to some. This part of the process recreates spherical breathing with the 14th breathe designed to elevate to the 4th dimension awareness. Finally the last 3 breathes recreate the rotating fields of the light body around us. Each breath has a designated ?instruction? for the mind body and heart which encompasses specific thought, emotion, breathe control and the use of mudras or hand positions.

It is recommended to only follow this route with a trusted guide and mentor in specific focus based workshops. However for those who have the experience and metaphysical knowledge outwith these sessions it may well be possible to follow this journey alone under the specific state set out within the exercise.

Whichever route you choose to learn more about and activate the energy surrounding you I wish you well and hope that this article has been of some assistance. I also hope that it has made you aware that there is no one prescriptive way to follow your path, it is a unique and individual process and it will unravel at a pace to meet your needs. It is a process and learning curve all of its own and should you wish to share your own experience and thoughts please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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