Have you been a part of the incredible astrology we have been living through? Have the last two, five or even ten years turned you upside down and inside out? Are you called to join the time honoured tradition of spiritual understanding through journeying the zodiac- does astrology call to you as a roadmap to understand yourself? Maybe you have listened to astrologers and spiritual teachers talk of the energy and light codes being brought to us, transformative energy with the power to change your life. Do you want to step into your sovereignty and harness this potential for yourself?

You may already know that the heavens hold great personal significance and power for you -if only you could speak and understand the language to mediate between your soul and the cosmic energies it is bathed in. You may feel as though you are moving through your life with a blindfold on frustratingly unable to utilise the language of light astrology uses to speak to your soul.

Imagine being able to take that blindfold off and stargaze, understanding your own unique vibration, your subconscious fears and desires, co creating with the universe instead of feeling bruised and battered by it! Imagine being able to meet and heal your shadow self, understanding where you have been stuck, or unaligned. Imagine working with the universe to move past this to a deeper more profound existence, a whole new timeline opened up for you. Imagine being your own translator, utilising your logic intuition and heart to become a confident astrologer and star messenger with a knowing of the cosmos you can share with others to bring illumination and growth to them too.

I have studied the night skies for over 15 years and had the honour of being their translator for other people, helping them obtain clarity and purpose. My method of astrology takes both the innate original meaning of the zodiac and instils a fresh modern spiritual approach with a fundamental understanding that ‘spirituality’ is with us every moment of our lives in our search for the integration of our internal alchemical feminine and masculine divinity. Now more than ever it is clear that we as a collective are being called deeper into the ascension process which means a deeper understanding of ourselves, collective energy and source itself.

This is why I have opened the doors of Sovereign Astrology Soul School. Led in small interactive online cohorts you will have sacred space to discover the art of astrology and utilise it as a tool for ascension and soul growth. Perhaps this is a new area of learning to help you understand yourself, your place in the collective and even learn to help guide other people too, or you’ve dipped in and out of astrology without any real structure or principles. Designed to be open to both those new to field of astrology as well as those who want to further their knowledge and techniques.

This immersive course includes:

Chart layout and components, correspondences, modalities, the ephemeris, elements, archetypes, house challenges, planets, aspects, retrogrades, karmic signatures, past life /soul growth indicators, astro history, shadow work, retrograde motion, mythology symbolism and psyche and chart interpretation/synthesis.

If this resonates with you and leaves you wanting to know more about the unique energy you chose this lifetime- get in touch x