Soul star

Positioning: This is the second of the transpersonal chakras located outside of your body we have mentioned, but remaining within your energetic field and the first step of your stellar pathway. Incredibly closely linked to the crown chakra, it is 6 inches above it in fact. It is here we are able to associate with the angelic and furthewr astral realms.

Colour: merkabah

Crystal healing: Celestite, kyanite, spirit amethyst

Correspondence: Awareness of our place in the universe, activation of divine angelic radiant love into our being, divine purpose, past life awareness the seat of universal oneness and although inside of us it is not of us it is the connection we all share to the divine. connection to the life force of this universe and all beings within, connection to collective consciousness, removal of pain, clarity, liberation, past lives, ascension, humour.

Imbalanced Attributes: Purposelessness, anxiety, fear, living in the shadows

Balanced Attributes: positive Release, allowing the divine to tune us in to our internal abundance, loving, imagination, attraction to the angelic hosts and having the will to spur on your own creative freedom and expression, tapping in to the imagination to find your true purpose, liberating freedom within an harmonic sphere of light, gratitude, self love, selflessness and compassion, further clarity of your soul purpose

Mudra: Gyan- place your index fingertip and thumb together allowing other fingers to relax, this is the traditional meditation pose and calls upon unity with the divine


I am surrounded by divine angelic love at all times

I am free of any past life bondage

I actively use my imagination to access divine truths and wisdom

I am able to access my own internal abundance


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