What is it?

The earth star chakra is located outside of our physical body and below our root chakra where it is able to connect deep within mother earth, specifically into the crystalline grids held within Gaia’s etheric internal core…. This in turn allows us to connect to the collective consciousness and the healing power of mother earth on a whole new level.

For those of you already well acquainted with chakras imagine the earth star chakra to be incredibly similair to that of the root chakra, allowing for a deeper healing, feeling of safety and connection. Allowing us to release unwanted or stuck energies for her to transmute and equally allow us to feel her healing deep within our spiritual core.

Earth star colour and correspondence

Colour: Azure blue. When you try to visualise this chakra notice how big and bright it looks to you. If the colour is murky or the chakra is small or conversely large and overwhelming to you, gently focus your loving and calm intent sending pure crystalline intelligent light to bring it into balance.

Correspondence: Awareness of the cycle of life, birth, death, renewal

Crystals to use while clearing and healing: Larimar, aquamarine, rosequartz, aqua aura, obsidian or shungite

Mantra: “I am safe, the very essence of who am I am, my soul urge and all of my divine aspects are nurtured, supported and wanted by mother earth”

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