Sacred Geometry: The Merkabah

People now more than ever are searching for the true meaning and purpose of their existence here on the earth plane, in doing so they are making a return to their ancestral gnostic wisdom to make sense of and enrich their lives. A huge part of this search rests upon the metaphysical, an inherent knowledge and understanding of the codes, patterns and design of the universe held deep within the wisdom of the collective human consciousness for thousands of years.

For those of us sensitive to energy shifts and the alignment of the planets it is safe to say that energetically we have been on a roller coaster of transition and emotion as our souls are put through their trials and given the chance to upgrade. We have seen the 11 11 11 portal open up a whole ascension path we can track in the stras. All of this is by design to bring us back into alignment with what we came here for. In essence- revisit and revise. We have spoken about how tricky it can be to leave behind what no longer serves us and answer our true calling many a time. Today, we will be beginning to look at geometric design and code, its history, and meaning as well as the modern mystics interpretation. Taking a look through history at one of the ways in which the ancients themselves achieved ascension and communion with the highest of sources with the use of sacred geometry, namely the Merkabah. Later in the week, we will see how we can incorporate the Merkabah into our lives, how we can tune back into this sacred knowledge from the past should we wish to.


Origins of the Merkabah

Attempting to pinpoint the origin of the Merkabah proves difficult and intriguing all at the same time, this only adds credence to the powerful associations it has. Most people aware of the Merkabah would lend their knowledge from ancient Jewish Apocrypha namely the Hekhalot texts. Here the Merkava is represented as a great chariot of light and fire surrounded by rainbows and angels, used by the almighty to transform Enoch into the angel Metatron- a chariot to the throne of God. The Merkava was believed to be so powerful that only Rabbinical leaders of a certain temperament and age were allowed to study its existence. It was firmly held that many mortals would simply be unable to cope both in body and mind. The ancient Egyptians saw the MerKaBa (light, spirit, body) as a ball of light which would take the soul to alternative worlds and dimensions. As well as this there is an ancient belief held by the Zulu tribes that Merkaba transported their ancestors to earth from an alternate dimension. Persian Sufism also held focus on this- Mithra, the heavenly charioteer and his Quadriga, a chariot drawn by four horses were worshiped in ancient Persia as the God of light seen as the primal force of the world responsible for its form and creation.

All of this is highly suggestive of variations on a theme as opposed to separately formed insular belief systems.


What is Sacred geometry?

So let us look a little deeper at the universal quality of the Merkabah pattern used by the ancients to facilitate a direct relationship with the highest source and enable themselves to create the reality they wish to live.

Sacred geometry is the building block and fundamental patterns or laws which govern our universe. Found in everything from the cells in your body, ancient and modern architecture, the currency some of you use, art, mathematics and even music. The Merkabah is one such pattern consisting of all 5 platonic solids or ?perfect shapes? a star like formation comprised of a double tetrahedron, interlocking to create a star shape like so:

Each tetrahedron is representative of the male and female aspect. The inverted tetrahedron being female, the upright aspect therefore is male. This is the essence of the equilibrium and balance found in nature: ying -yang, north-south, masculine-female spirit and matter, motion and resistance. The inner and eternal law acting through all matter across the universe in each and every one of us as the inseparable halves of attracted contrast. But there is much more to the Merkabah than pattern, symbolism and a latent field of energy.

It is now held that the two complementary halves are a powerful force or electromagnetic field beyond the auric field, surrounding us responding to our thoughts and emotions. It is around 17 meters in diameter across the human body. Once activated the two halves rotate in opposite and parallel in perfect timing to create a vortex in which the body can receive energy from the highest of sources. Once translated internally into the body it rests as a disc of energy in the lower spine area radiating out across and beyond our physical selves. This energy can ignite and increase our consciousness and capacity to use creative energy. It awakens our lightbody. It is believed that the Merkabah is in constant contact with divine source and if programmed or accessed correctly this divine wisdom can become physically active within us enabling us to live the lives we wish to. For many metaphysical practitioners and seekers this is the way in which to evolve from the 3rdup to the 5thlevel of consciousness and access alternative dimensions and states.

It is obvious indeed that the Merkabah concept is a powerful one and its image and symbolism is slowly making its way into the mainstream mindset. The modern mystic or energy worker on their soul journey would do well to work with it when seeking to align to source. Once again it would seem that humankind is pointed to look within in order to expand and evolve.

Next time we will be looking in depth at the techniques used in order to activate the Merkabah energy field and wake up the sleeping soul within us.


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