Sacral Chakra


This chakra is located along the spine directly behind your belly button.

Colour: Orange


Responsible for our feelings of pleasure, personal identity, desire, and passion procreation and pleasure. It promotes creativity, joy, and learning to let go. Enjoyment and creativity, it is the seat of the earthly expression of who we are. In my opinion the centre of our contrast.

Imbalanced attributes: Fear anxiety depression lack of joy, guarded, shut down. Intimacy issues, shame, guilt, internal pain. Acceptance of a false reality and over fantasising, sexual dysfunction, addiction and overindulgence as well as codependency. Overreaction envy and rage find it hard to associate with other people and the world around, can’t keep emotions and ability in balance, are unemotional feel insecure fail to deal with life’s changes and lack self-confidence.

Balanced attributes: Radiates warmth, speaks openly, capable of intimacy on many levels, passionate present in their body, sensual, creative, connected to their feelings, feeling emotionally stable.

Crystal healing: Amber, calcite orange, carnelian, or hematite.

Mudra: The mudras associate with the sacral chakra is firstly the Sakthi Mudra. Place your palms in front of your chest, press your little finger and ring fingertips together. Fold your thumbs into your palms, inside of your index and middle finger. You can then press the knuckles of these two fingers together or keep them separate. Next is prana and this focus upon ensuring any energetic blockages are released, place the tip of your thumb on your little and index fingers with your index and middle fingers standing upright.

Mantra: Vam


I am joyful

I enjoy intimacy

I allow my creativity to flow freely

It is right that I express who I am

I am at peace with my emotions

I create space for better opportunities in my life

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