Name: Root Chakra


Positioning: Physically, the Root chakra is traditionally placed at the very base of the spine. this chakra anchors the higher chakras and the human body to the ground and the star chakra and the world around the individual.

Colour: Red

Correspondence: The root chakra governs a person’s relationship with both the basic physical necessities of life, such as food, water, and shelter and also the fundamental psychological factors required for mental health, like trust, acceptance, and comfort. Awareness of separateness, time and space.

Imbalanced attributes: A damaged root chakra or root chakra issues can make it difficult or impossible to find one’s proper place in the world and soul purpose. A n energetic field of disconnect, confusion and instability can surround us when there is work to be done here and the individual can often end up facing life in a confrontational or adversarial way when this chakra is in need of healing and support. Not only this but it can effectively block us from accessing the power of and clearing our other chakras so it is key that we ensure this chakra is healthy and balanced. This chakra is heavily affected by childhood and adolescent trauma so we must clear any open wounds, trauma and victimization in order to make this chakra strong.

Where is the root chakra: Physically, the Root Chakra is traditionally placed at the very base of the spine strongly connected to the digestive tract.

Imbalanced root chakra attributes: in this chakra can cause urinary problems, bowel disorders, muscular complaints in the hips and legs and prostate problems. Depression, anxiety and paranoia. Aggression, materialism, impulsiveness, and harmful sexual promiscuity.

Balanced root chakra attributes: Survival, security, general good health, digestive, bowel and muscular ease.

Root chakra gemstones: garnet, bloodstone, black tourmaline, yellow topaz, and jasper. Crystals which have similar associations include azurite, obsidian, smoky quartz, carnelian, and citrine. The power of these stones is often invoked by placing them over the chakra during a healing massage.

Mudra: Prithvi or Earth mudra. The palm is pointed upwards and the ring finger is brought back to touch the tip of the outstretched thumb. The rest of the fingers are left relaxed. In seated meditation positions, many practitioners rest their knuckles on their knees. This is excellent for opening the root chakra and keeping it balanced.

Root Chakra Mantra: LAM (To be repeated as sound therapy and frequency integration)

Affirmations created to establish a balanced root chakra will emphasise the safety and security of the individual as well as the inherent understanding of our right to be here and connection to the world.

I am safe

I am supported by mother earth

I am where I belong and divinely guided

I am strong



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