It is obvious that that the divine feminine is re emerging. We are beginning the absolving of our previous over reliance upon dominant masculine unbalanced resonance and are now coming to a time where we wish for harmony, a reckoning if you will. To integrate and exult the intuition, abstract, love, compassion, sensuality, flow, nurturing. Solar and Lunar, left and right, ying and yang are calling for their balance to be restored. Many are looking to find a way to channel and grow their feminine side, this is for all remember, we all each hold masculine and feminine energy within us to balance and harmonize.

Misconceptions of Masculinity

There is a popular misconception that in order to be safe, strong, forward facing and confident, we need to pull on eternal overtly masculine energies. It is true that indeed the resonance of figures such as Arthur, Vicengetorix, Zeuss, the emperor arcana can be well utilized and integrated as the warrior aspect as part of our divine selves but we must remember that they make up but one part of the entirety. Allow me to (re) introduce the fiercely protective and loving energies of the eternally compassionate, strong, loyal and loving mother Kuan Yin who hears all of the cries of the earthly plain or “She who observes all sounds of suffering in the world”.

Who Was Kuan Yin?

Kuan yin is known throughout the world by many Buddhists as a Bodhisattva, a truly enlightened soul with the ability to enter nirvana. Legend has it that she was a rich Indian princess named Mia Shan who much like her male counterparts, forsook the world of luxury to obtain true spiritual enlightenment. Instead of entering into marriage to further her families dynasty she took up the role of a Buddhist nun, sadly disowned by her not as progressive and forward thinking father. Undeterred she sought spiritual enlightenment in her quest to bring a higher consciousness to humanity and help the world. As Kuan yin was to finally enter Nirvana she heard cries of those suffering on the earthly plain and instead chose to remain in a place where she could be accessible to humanity, aiding and protecting those who needlessly suffer in this world.

She is mostly depicted as a young woman all in white and carrying a white lotus flower, the symbol of spiritual enlightenment. Correspondences include pearls, the colour white, lotus flower, rice, fertility, horses, peacocks and orange blossom and the number 33 (you may be seeing this as an ‘angel number’).

How to Ask Kuan Yin for Help

Not only did she sacrifice the permanency of a blissful state for actively remains supporting us when we learn to tap into her frequency, but how do we do this?

Initially our willing to allow the frequency in the first instance. For many it can be difficult to trust the divine feminine. We have grown up with female energy being subservient or somehow sub par to masculinity, as weak, inferior and not able to ‘manage it’s shit’ as well as the masculine archetypes previously mentioned. However, nothing could be further from the actuality of the matter. There is an undeniable unshakable strength in holding compassion and love for each other, what level of mastery of the self, the senses and internal personal power is harnessed in order to be able to feel eternal compassion love and support with no resentment, judgement or shaming? In this way she is to me very similair to Christ consciousness.

So begin then with compassion for the self. This mistrust has not been generated by you but through you in years of ancestral patterning and cellular memory. The energy of Kuan Yin begins with the self then by offering ourselves the energy she embodies. It is only through offering ourselves compassion, love and understanding that we are able to embody the frequency and radiate it out to others.

Many of you out there will have specific issues you are wishing to have assistance with and this is where oracle cards can come into their own… I would suggest meditating upon your situation first and while shuffling the cards. The pull as many as your higher self wishes you to do.

Kuan Yin Meditation/Mantra

There is a specific mantra we can chant to further anchor in and integrate the energy of Kuan yin and support our body as we do this. ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ (the jewel of consciousness has reached the hearts lotus) is the mantra typically ascribed to Kuan Yin. Sit cross legged or upright on a chair with feet firmly planted. Close your eyes and begin to take deep slow comfortable breathes. As you do so you will begin to feel your body relax and ‘come back to centre’. Focusing on the heart chakra place your right hand on your heart and your left hand over the top of it. Allow yourself to feel the compassion, love and eternal embrace of mother Kuan Yin.

In conclusion:

Calling upon Kuan Yin in times of need offers us the chance to really hold a space for self love and compassion and to integrate our divine feminine aspect. By going within and taking time to connect with mother Kuan Yin we are showing ourselves that we are worthy of of this act, that we matter, and will always be held in divine space by this fiercely loving and devoted mother.


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