Childrens Astrological Signature Reading

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I believe that the way we interpret the chart of a child demands a unique approach.

By no means prescriptive, this is an in depth look at the energetic fingerprint a child has chosen to assist them in this particular incarnation and how to guide them in it’s utilization. This format can also be used for adults if they are called to utilise this approach. All children’s charts are written in gender neutral format unless otherwise requested and combines star markings, collective signatures and nodal analysis.

*please note- on purchasing please ensure you enter into the ‘order notes’ section the email address you wish to use for correspondence as well as time and date of birth.

For an accurate reading I require the following format:

DOB please write this out as numerical format varies from country to country. I also need an accurate time of birth to ensure house system is accurate so ensure am/pm is also added, for example: 12th August 1976 @07:10 am.


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