Adult Timeless Karmic Reading

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An exploratory report… yourself!

This analysis looks at past and current incarnational energy which you may be carrying through into this lifetime and beyond . By utilising key karmic points within the chart, their phasal relationships and those of planetary pairs you will gain a deep awareness of the subconscious soul journey which eludes many of us who do not have access to a conscious framework for growth.

This includes any soul gifts and potential issues or blockages carried over into this incarnation as well as analysis of any shadow integration and shamanic healing which may be required in order to give insight and awareness to soul intent and needs.

*please note- on purchasing please ensure you enter into the ‘order notes’ section the email address you wish to use for correspondence as well as time and date of birth.

For an accurate reading I require the following format:

DOB please write this out as numerical format varies from country to country. I also need an accurate time of birth to ensure house system is accurate so ensure am/pm is also added, for example: 12th August 1976 @07:10 am.


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