What is the Ego and how should we treat it?

Introduction There are phrases aplenty we use when somebody displays behaviour or talks in a way which strikes discord and rubs us the wrong way. Quite often when we perceive ourselves or an individual as being boastful or coming from a place of competition and dominance we will call this out as ego-driven. Whereas it […]

What are trans personal Chakras: An introduction to the stellar Pathway

There are in fact many chakras outside of your body and many struggle to validate this as a concept. However it is an undeniable fact that your body has magnetic energetic resonance (there are at least 12 layers of energetic resonance or frequency that we are aware of) and therefore yourself here on this earth […]

Reintroducing the Divine Feminine with Mother Kuan Yin

It is obvious that that the divine feminine is re emerging. We are beginning the absolving of our previous over reliance upon dominant masculine unbalanced resonance and are now coming to a time where we wish for harmony, a reckoning if you will. To integrate and exult the intuition, abstract, love, compassion, sensuality, flow, nurturing. […]

Who are the Ascended Masters? Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters

Ascended masters is a term many people have heard but are unsure who and what is being spoken about. Below you will find an explanation as to who or what an Ascended master is, what a cosmic master is and how you can get in touch with the energetic resonance they embody What is a […]

Root Chakra “I am calm, strong, nurtured and supported”

Name: Root Chakra   Positioning: Physically, the Root chakra is traditionally placed at the very base of the spine. this chakra anchors the higher chakras and the human body to the ground and the star chakra and the world around the individual. Colour: Red Correspondence: The root chakra governs a person’s relationship with both the […]

Crown Chakra: “I am guided by my higher self and soul urge”

Crown Chakra? Crown Chakra Positioning: At the crown of the head and is associated with the brain and entire nervous system due to it being the seat of consciousness and cosmic energy within us all and the bridging chakra between our physical body chakras and those surrounding us within our energetic field. Crown chakra Colour: […]

Earth Star Chakra “My entire spiritual and etheric self is aligned with mother Earth”

What is it? The earth star chakra is located outside of our physical body and below our root chakra where it is able to connect deep within mother earth, specifically into the crystalline grids held within Gaia’s etheric internal core…. This in turn allows us to connect to the collective consciousness and the healing power […]

Soul Star “I am supported by higher beings who guide me for my highest good”

Soul star Positioning: This is the second of the transpersonal chakras located outside of your body we have mentioned, but remaining within your energetic field and the first step of your stellar pathway. Incredibly closely linked to the crown chakra, it is 6 inches above it in fact. It is here we are able to […]

Third Eye chakra “Through the embodiment of safety and discernment my intuition guides me”

Third eye? Third Eye Chakra Positioning: Slightly above and between your eyes Third Eye Chakra Colour: Indigo Third Eye Crystal healing: Amethyst, obsidian, purple fluorite, moldovite Third Eye Correspondence: initiation into higher purpose and spirituality, psychic energy and the gateway to synthesising and acting upon information beyond the physical world Imbalanced Third Eye Chakra Attributes: […]