Astrology webinar

Mastering the Frequency of Soul Growth

Curious to know more about retrograde transits? Pretty sure there has to be a better way than hiding under the bed for weeks when they come around?

Take a deep dive into the retrograde experience to discover the complete picture all too often overlooked and ignored and learn why that is such a wasted opportunity!

Join BellatrixOrion to be guided through the often misunderstood yet life changing backwards energy of the skies to banish the retrograde fear monster and realise the huge potential for spiritual growth and awakening

In our time together you will discover:

  • The astrology AND the astronomy
  • Why retrogrades are so feared and misunderstood.... you'll soon see where you have gone wrong and why ;)
  • Retrograde planetary signatures 101: want to know ALL the retrograde key signatures? Got you covered!
  • Parts of the chart to query: how successful delineation can be the difference between Spf and a trench coat in a rainstorm
  • Pathway calculation demonstrated using the future Venus retrograde in Capricorn cycle for minimum chaos and maximum impact

March 18, 2021
7:20pm TZ

Taught by BellatrixOrion

Esoteric Astrologer BellatrixOrion specialises in soul growth and the embodied astrological journey facilitated through key signatures found in the natal chart

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