Most of us have heard of our chakras but as yet are unaware of just how much we can realign by getting in touch with them. Just as we have capilliaries, arteries and veins so too we have a spiritual nervous system which needs your care if it is to care for you (you are after all one and the same). Nadis and chakras are our spiritual nervous system.

Nadis are part of our causal and astral bodies acting as spiritual and energetic capillaries, collecting purifying and distributing the consciousness and energies controlled by our chakras.

Chakras (Sanskrit for wheel) should turn smoothly and process energy in a way which is most beneficial for us. A chakra in essence, is the centre of alignment of our spiritual emotional physical and mental energies which serve us in that particular area of spiritual growth. Balancing and regulating these main centres of energy enable us to remain or get back in to alignment and sustain optimal levels of these energies. Each chakra should be balanced as there are detrimental symptoms to an enlarged or minimized energy centre.

The amount of chakras we have is a debate long held and some even believe that there are over 100 chakras within and without our physical body. For a long time we have used the 7 main chakras however, just as we grow internally and evolve so does our understanding of chakras and we have expanded our energetic metaphysical knowledge to look at and use even more chakras than we previously did. For the purpose of this blog series we have selected to work with the 7 main well known chakras as well as the introduction to a few outwith our body hold within our causal and astral fields.

The accompanying information is to assist you in developing a relationship with each area and in doing so enable a regulated harmonious balance to your energy field.