Heart Chakra

Positioning: Centre of the chest at the sternum

Colour: Emerald green

Correspondence: unconditional love, peace, beauty, unity and cooperation kindness, health and healing social relationships, empathy, emotional healing, and interpersonal connectivity. It is also responsible for transformation and integration of the higher self. This is the centre of your rainbow bridge and your ability to truely connect interdimensionally with the 4D and 5d aspects of your existence, monad and Christ consciousness.

Imbalanced Attributes: emotional shut down/over compensation. Withdrawn, social isolation, critical. Over demanding, panic, victim hood, lack of personal boundaries, grief, overwhelm. Distress on any/every level of being. Walls or a prison instead of healthy boundaries

Hypertension, breathing problems, heart conditions, heartburn, reflux.

Balanced Attributes: self love and universal love, healthy boundaries, positive relationships, optimal health, calm and tranquility. Total connection with source and mother earth. A chakra heart meditation combining the below mudra and mantra frequency will begin to bring your heart field back into alignment and strengthen this very important part of your energetic body.

Crystal healing: Aventurine Moonstone Rose quartz, Pink quartz, clear quartz, jade, green calcite

Mudra: Hridaya (unblocks) place the index finger on the root of the thumb now bring together the tips of the index and middle finger to the tips of the thumb.

Mantra: Yam


I am loved

I am surrounded by the love of mother earth and father sky

I enjoy positive relations with others

I love myself

I have healthy boundaries

I am in optimal good health

I am calm and peaceful




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