Crystals and semi precious stones are some of the most beautiful natural objects gracing our planet. Coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and compositions they represent the full spectrum of the rainbow and beyond! Today we are going to look at crystals, how they facilitate healing and balance as well as some simple ways you can bring their gifts into your life

How do crystals heal?

Crystal therapy and the energetic power of certain stones has been known for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians for example revered Lapis Lazuli. A beautiful blue stone flecked with gold it can be found on many examples of their jewelry and ornaments, indeed it is widely believed that the ancients used a lot of crystal technology, the details of this largely lost to us now. What we can safely presume is that crystals are powerful and when used correctly can enhance the vibration of those sensitive to them

All crystal types have slightly different compositions and make up. It is these differences in ‘ingredients’ and structure if you will, that dictate how we would use them but rest assured whatever it is that you wish for help with- crystal power can help.

How do I choose a crystal?

You are definitely spoiled for choice here! I would recommend one of two ways to do this and it comes down to what suits you best

Choosing a crystal online: This is perhaps best done by researching the area you want help with. Looking for protection and grounding? Try obsidian or black tourmaline, is it a happier lighter emotion you wish to feel? Blue lace agate and larimar can help.Physical ailments such as headaches can be alleviated with clear quartz and stomach cramps benefit from orange calcite.

Choosing a crystal in person:? Certainly, as above research what you want help with but also in person you may wish to feel the stones and assess how they respond to your touch and how your body responds to the crystal itself. If you can’t get to a crystal shop this is no problem at all. I buy pretty much all of mine online and have received the best helpful service from eshops. I tend to look at the pictures and go where I am guided, it is a great way to build on your intuition and allow your inner self to lead the way in terms of need and desire.

It may be helpful to look for colours corresponding to chakras too, if you are familiar with chakras and their properties give this a go. If not why not read my blog series HERE.

How to use crystals

There are so many ways I am sure to miss something here, but below you will find how I use crystals in my everyday life.

The simplest way and great for beginning, is to buy some simple small tumbled stones. You can leave these in prominent areas (by your bed, doorway, bathroom, kitchen etc) to increase the vibrational tone or energy of an area, hold them in your hand when meditating or trying to find the answer to something, thumb stones or palm stones are particularly useful for this as when you rub your fingers across the smooth texture you are really feeling into the resonance as well as self soothing.

Meditation is really enhanced with crystals. You can place them on an energetic centre of your body, most people choose the third eye, crown or solar plexus and focus on deep breathing and allowing the crystal to hone in on your bodies (physical and energetic) in order to assist you.

Over time you will begin to have your favourite stones and this is when perhaps wearing the stone is a good idea. Stud earrings, pendants, rings, brooches, bracelets are all created from many different stones of varying styles so there really is something for everybody, metaphysically functional and attractive too!

Figurines and ornaments are a great way to tune into your favourite stones too. Many people collect crystal skulls, slightly controversial depending upon intent, they can be used for scrying, powerful healing and possess an aura all of their own. You could also get a semi precious stone in the shape of a totem animal (a whole blog series is coming up on totem animals so stay tuned), to further increase the power of the stone and its direct relationship to you.

Crystal grids: This area deserves a post all of it’s own but let us have an introduction for now at least, to show you the way in which they work. Stones are chosen for specific intent and attributes and placed in a sacred geometric shape (for more on sacred geometry click HERE) after which they are programmed by the user. Once all of the crystals are in alignment we set our minds to meditating upon what we are trying to feel, manifest, heal. Next take a finger and touch each stone tracing an invisible line between them all. The combination of guided intent and metaphysical patterning is incredibly powerful here.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Crystals require care! They are like pets in that they need to be kept clean and looked after. When you first receive a stone there are many ways to clean it to ensure it is free of any undesirable residual energy and the most appropriate way will depend upon the type of crystal you have. Cleansing with salt (a sprinkling or submerging in a small bowl), submerging in spring water, leaving out in the sun or burying in good soil overnight are all excellent ways prepping them for their work. I would recommend you do this regularly depending upon how often you use them. You will perhaps notice that your gems may become cloudy or muddy looking over time which is a sign to get them cleaned.

It is also useful to charge or program your crystal with the power of intent. For this I would recommend sitting somewhere calm, quiet and peaceful. Hold your clean stones in your hands and close your eyes and breathe deeply. Now set your intent for the stones use. This can be an affirmation ‘I AM…..’ or you can also invoke your spirit guide or personal deity/guardian angel.


Hopefully this post has been of some help to you and if you have any further queries about crystals please do not hesitate to get in touch. I wish you luck love and light on your crystal capers!

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