Crown Chakra?

Crown Chakra Positioning: At the crown of the head and is associated with the brain and entire nervous system due to it being the seat of consciousness and cosmic energy within us all and the bridging chakra between our physical body chakras and those surrounding us within our energetic field.

Crown chakra Colour: Violet

Crown chakra Correspondence: cosmic consciousness and the entry way into your chakra system, governing conceptions of time and space. Once aligned we see the crown as the initial gateway to the cosmos and a deeper understanding of our place within creation. It is here we are able to integrate our unconditional love and release our fear based patterning and perspectives.

Imbalanced Crown Chakra Attributes: worry, mental health issues, headaches, dementia, loneliness, chronic pain, sleep disorders, photo-sensitivity neurological disorders spiritual and physical disconnect, cynicism, refusal of a spirit-based existence, feeling that this is unattainable/loss of faith, spiritual no mans land

Balanced Crown Chakra Attributes: Enlightenment and connection to our higher selves, transcendence of the ego all is one, peacefully energised, release from the ego and a fear based perspective

Crown Chakra Crystal healing: quartz and amethyst, moldavite, shungite

Crown Chakra Mudra: Padma, place little fingers and thumbs together and see the hands as a chalice or lotus flower opening up to receive the energy of the eternal I AM.

Crown Chakra Mantra: Ohm

Crown Chakra Affirmations:

I am connected to my higher self at all times

I know

I trust my higher self to guide and support me

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