The Merkabah pt2: Merkabah activation

Meditating on the Merkabah

Hopefully you have landed here after reading our initial post on the Merkabah. If you haven?t read this then I would recommend you do so unless of course you already have a firm grasp upon the subject and what it involves. Today we will be looking at ways of visualising your light body and pinpointing specific teachings regarding it’s activation and use for those wishing to explore this area and subsequently become unified with the energy field surrounding us all.

For those only just beginning to use meditation and visualisation there is plenty you can do alone to begin to attune your light body with the ultimate intent of activation. As discussed, it is believed that for many of us our Merkabah has stopped rotating or is rotating at a fraction of the speed it should do in order to enable us on our path of spiritual enlightenment so what we are trying to achieve is the visualisation or sensation of opposing directional forces acting upon each complimentary half of the Merkabah.

Beginning to tune in to your Merkabah

I would recommend that you begin by sitting in a quiet area and let the day go. By taking a few mindful breathes you can release the stresses and strains of the day and centre yourself into an aura of love and gratitude. Again, focus upon your breathing ensuring it is rhythmical and regular, your breathe should come from your sacral chakra up through your lungs in one fluid motion. As you breathe in, now begin to imagine your Merkabah expanding. The male aspect beginning around your knee area advancing up several feet above your head spinning clockwise. The female aspect working counter clockwise extending several feet below your body. Do not try to control this but rather create the image and ?watch?. There is no rush here, no time limit or deadline. The Merkabah meditation is embraced with pure love for all of creation and the universe so do not force yourself into a state you are not yet ready for. You will progress in time.

As you become more and more adept at this visualisation you can take your meditation further by imagining the centrifugal force of opposition creating a vortex in which to draw down energy from the heavens to sit in your solar plexus area and slowly expand the activation of your light body. It should also be remembered at this point that your Merkabah is always in contact with the universe and responding to your beliefs and thoughts. In essence, it can be programmed very much like a crystal. How you wish to programme your Merkabah will determine which aspect to focus upon, remembering that there is a male/female, still/motion contrast to the energy body. Sit with this image and intent as you focus your breathing and align yourself to centre with source. This is a progressive meditation, therefore, will increase in potency and effect as time goes on.

Advanced Merkabah Activation

For those seeking to practice a more formal and recognised technique in my experience there is one central figure who comes to mind where light body activation is concerned and his work has been pivotal for many:

The Teaching Of The Merkabah and Spherical Breathing
by Drunvalo Melchizedek:

Drunvalo Melchizedek is at the forefront of modern-day mysticism, his teachings and ethos being above and beyond groundbreaking. My experience has shown that for those dedicated to working with their light body, they would find no better teachings than those expounded by him. Drunvalo has an incredibly interesting history. He recounts his awareness of his previous existence in a different realm and body, agreeing to become a walk in to assist humankind and planet Earth in its evolutionary progress he has put himself here in order to assist the evolution of mankind. The telling of Drunvalo?s story and remembrances is fascinating and incredibly vivid. When explaining his former experiences on alternative plains dimensions and bodies Drunvalo has only one aim in mind. Love. He sees it as his mission here on Earth to encourage us to remember who we are and to wake up and answer the call we have talked of so many times now.

The teachings put forward by Drunalvo are insightful, in depth and fully immersive. This is an incredibly advanced practice and Drunvalo himself has only recommended it?s use following dedicated workshops and teachings. You will be able to find descriptive text upon his technique as well as recommended workshops and light body guides with a simple google search. Not only does it involve advanced meditation but also advanced visualisation. For those serious about a more formal approach to their inquiry into the light body and its activation, this would be a profound step in that direction. For now, I will talk you through the meaning behind the meditative exercise as well as its instructional use. Once you have read this you will know for yourself if this is something you feel inclined to investigate further.

The meditation exercise itself is made up of 3 distinct parts and 17 special breathes. The first part consists of 6 breathes designed to balance and cleanse the electrical circuits. The second part is 7 breathes designed to re-establish prana energy flow. Prana is, of course, the sum of all universal energy following within and without us, also known as chi to some. This part of the process recreates spherical breathing with the 14th breathe designed to elevate to the 4th dimension awareness. Finally the last 3 breathes recreate the rotating fields of the light body around us. Each breath has a designated ?instruction? for the mind body and heart which encompasses specific thought, emotion, breathe control and the use of mudras or hand positions.

It is recommended to only follow this route with a trusted guide and mentor in specific focus based workshops. However for those who have the experience and metaphysical knowledge outwith these sessions it may well be possible to follow this journey alone under the specific state set out within the exercise.

Whichever route you choose to learn more about and activate the energy surrounding you I wish you well and hope that this article has been of some assistance. I also hope that it has made you aware that there is no one prescriptive way to follow your path, it is a unique and individual process and it will unravel at a pace to meet your needs. It is a process and learning curve all of its own and should you wish to share your own experience and thoughts please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Merkabah pt1: Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry: The Merkabah

People now more than ever are searching for the true meaning and purpose of their existence here on the earth plane, in doing so they are making a return to their ancestral gnostic wisdom to make sense of and enrich their lives. A huge part of this search rests upon the metaphysical, an inherent knowledge and understanding of the codes, patterns and design of the universe held deep within the wisdom of the collective human consciousness for thousands of years.

For those of us sensitive to energy shifts and the alignment of the planets it is safe to say that energetically we have been on a roller coaster of transition and emotion as our souls are put through their trials and given the chance to upgrade. We have seen the 11 11 11 portal open up a whole ascension path we can track in the stras. All of this is by design to bring us back into alignment with what we came here for. In essence- revisit and revise. We have spoken about how tricky it can be to leave behind what no longer serves us and answer our true calling many a time. Today, we will be beginning to look at geometric design and code, its history, and meaning as well as the modern mystics interpretation. Taking a look through history at one of the ways in which the ancients themselves achieved ascension and communion with the highest of sources with the use of sacred geometry, namely the Merkabah. Later in the week, we will see how we can incorporate the Merkabah into our lives, how we can tune back into this sacred knowledge from the past should we wish to.


Origins of the Merkabah

Attempting to pinpoint the origin of the Merkabah proves difficult and intriguing all at the same time, this only adds credence to the powerful associations it has. Most people aware of the Merkabah would lend their knowledge from ancient Jewish Apocrypha namely the Hekhalot texts. Here the Merkava is represented as a great chariot of light and fire surrounded by rainbows and angels, used by the almighty to transform Enoch into the angel Metatron- a chariot to the throne of God. The Merkava was believed to be so powerful that only Rabbinical leaders of a certain temperament and age were allowed to study its existence. It was firmly held that many mortals would simply be unable to cope both in body and mind. The ancient Egyptians saw the MerKaBa (light, spirit, body) as a ball of light which would take the soul to alternative worlds and dimensions. As well as this there is an ancient belief held by the Zulu tribes that Merkaba transported their ancestors to earth from an alternate dimension. Persian Sufism also held focus on this- Mithra, the heavenly charioteer and his Quadriga, a chariot drawn by four horses were worshiped in ancient Persia as the God of light seen as the primal force of the world responsible for its form and creation.

All of this is highly suggestive of variations on a theme as opposed to separately formed insular belief systems.


What is Sacred geometry?

So let us look a little deeper at the universal quality of the Merkabah pattern used by the ancients to facilitate a direct relationship with the highest source and enable themselves to create the reality they wish to live.

Sacred geometry is the building block and fundamental patterns or laws which govern our universe. Found in everything from the cells in your body, ancient and modern architecture, the currency some of you use, art, mathematics and even music. The Merkabah is one such pattern consisting of all 5 platonic solids or ?perfect shapes? a star like formation comprised of a double tetrahedron, interlocking to create a star shape like so:

Each tetrahedron is representative of the male and female aspect. The inverted tetrahedron being female, the upright aspect therefore is male. This is the essence of the equilibrium and balance found in nature: ying -yang, north-south, masculine-female spirit and matter, motion and resistance. The inner and eternal law acting through all matter across the universe in each and every one of us as the inseparable halves of attracted contrast. But there is much more to the Merkabah than pattern, symbolism and a latent field of energy.

It is now held that the two complementary halves are a powerful force or electromagnetic field beyond the auric field, surrounding us responding to our thoughts and emotions. It is around 17 meters in diameter across the human body. Once activated the two halves rotate in opposite and parallel in perfect timing to create a vortex in which the body can receive energy from the highest of sources. Once translated internally into the body it rests as a disc of energy in the lower spine area radiating out across and beyond our physical selves. This energy can ignite and increase our consciousness and capacity to use creative energy. It awakens our lightbody. It is believed that the Merkabah is in constant contact with divine source and if programmed or accessed correctly this divine wisdom can become physically active within us enabling us to live the lives we wish to. For many metaphysical practitioners and seekers this is the way in which to evolve from the 3rdup to the 5thlevel of consciousness and access alternative dimensions and states.

It is obvious indeed that the Merkabah concept is a powerful one and its image and symbolism is slowly making its way into the mainstream mindset. The modern mystic or energy worker on their soul journey would do well to work with it when seeking to align to source. Once again it would seem that humankind is pointed to look within in order to expand and evolve.

Next time we will be looking in depth at the techniques used in order to activate the Merkabah energy field and wake up the sleeping soul within us.


What is the Ego and how should we treat it?


There are phrases aplenty we use when somebody displays behaviour or talks in a way which strikes discord and rubs us the wrong way. Quite often when we perceive ourselves or an individual as being boastful or coming from a place of competition and dominance we will call this out as ego-driven. Whereas it is true that this can indeed be the case, we often overlook subconscious motives and rationale. So few of us realise that the ego drives itself in more ways than the characteristically boastful, competitive or domineering manner we commonly recognise. Let us then take a look at the beginnings of the ego and how it has found itself as a prominent discussion point in the spiritual journey. We will also explore its other guises, why it presents itself and ultimately how we can enable ourselves to feel beyond its motives and free ourselves from its grasp.


Origins of the Ego

The term ego found fame with Freud in his description of the Psyche. Here he described the structure of the ego, superego and the id. Imagine if you will a see-saw. On one end we have base irrational acts, feelings, desires and the unconscious pleasure principle all sat together wanting to soar high and be free. These are directly opposed by the superego, judgement superiority and societal obligation thou shalt. Here we have id and the superego in juxtaposition. They are both tempered by the central pivot or the ego.

In this context, actually we should pity the ego. For many it would be an overworked neurotic administrator trying desperately to hold the reigns of two diametrically opposed wild horses. It at once wishes to allow the expression of the id as well as allowing for the temperance and authority of the superego. Its function here is to judge, understand, plan, test and synthesize. The ego (according to Freud) is also at the mercy of the external world. It represents reason and common sense. As he so perfectly puts it:

Thus the ego, driven by the id, confined by the super-ego, repulsed by reality, struggles.. bringing about harmony among the forces and influences working in and upon it, and readily breaks out in anxiety realistic anxiety regarding the external world, moral anxiety regarding the super-ego, and neurotic anxiety regarding the strength of the passions in the id. 1.

Let’s make that 3 wild horses with the addition of reality.


The New Age Understanding of the Ego

Nowadays, certainly in the new age and spiritual arena the term ego is used to denote the vibration of thought and action resonating on a low level or frequency. It is that which cuts out or negates the higher spiritual self, with a misaligned focus and way of being. In a way Freud’s ego has some commonality with the modern day interpretation in that both struggle to maintain order and control, to feel safe as it were, so yes it has some similarities in that it is overly concerned with judgement shame and fear yet today it is mostly seen as the sole driver of this within the mind.

I believe that anybody wishing to examine and correct their ego should come from a place of love and sympathy. If we are overly critical of our ego, its thoughts and responses to the world we are using the exact same mindset! Remember that your ego is a remnant of a fear based existence, your survival mechanism. We are moving beyond survive to thrive so the ego needs to be understood loved and put to bed. Go higher in both authority over yourself and stance. The higher path is always love so seek to self correct and nurture not to discipline and punish, please.

The Mind is a Powerful Tool

It is not who we are but a part of our body we use to translate our earthly existence. You are not you mind and you are not your ego, they are filters and as such they can be trained and reprogrammed to focus themselves in a completely different way. Many people think that once they have reached adulthood they are fixed and they have grown the way they have grown. Whereas it may be true of a lot of our external parts-for example I am 5 foot 2 inches in this life and shall remain so- this is simply not the case with our brain. We all have something called neuro plasticity which metaphorically sees our brain a lot like clay. What we mean here is that it can be remolded and reshaped into a different constitution a more pleasing design if you will, but first of course we need to know how we wish to shape it.

If we begin by examining the rationale or modus operandi of the ego this will give us a much better starting point in hunting it out in its various guises. Once identified it can be changed. All ego based thought and behaviour is coming from one of two perspectives: Lack from the past and fear for the future. It is that simple. Where it gets tricky is this ego law inserting itself into your everyday existence. It has the capacity to sneak itself in to your life as both self defeating thoughts and actions. Let’s give an example here to show what we mean:

Good on you Steven!

Steven is alone. He has had several disastrous relationships which have all ended badly and he has been hurt. While out in town a potential love interest strikes up conversation and gives him their number. Steven has an internal breakdown, externally panics and runs away. I’m not doing that again, I know where it got me last time though I am so lonely and want to be loved. In one instance lack and fear have both dictated to him to the point where he has refused to engage in a potentially rewarding experience and allowing himself to expand in his experience here (for those of you who don?t like a cliffhanger let us say that Steven did a lot of internal work, meditation, healing and engaging in the sacred space of the moment to realise that not only was he worthy of his own love but equally that of another’s. More importantly he completed himself therefore should the relationship end he would not be destroyed. The relationship didn’t end and they are together very much in love to this very day. Good on Steven for taking control of his life I say).

So can you see? Your ego is not simply an outward appearance of an overly inflated sense of self worth? In fact in this context it can be difficult to see how any of this directly relates to the archetypal behaviour of the ego but lets move on and hopefully this will become clear. The pitfalls of the over inflated sense of self are equally as treacherous and in fact I have seen the archetypal ego manifestation rife within the spiritual community.

Integrating Ego into the spiritual journey

We are tested and tested again until we release the ties that bind us and allow ourselves progression on our spiritual path. It would make sense then that we are tested the most when we begin our journey. I have seen a lot of outright snobbery from individuals who look down upon people who do not share their beliefs, practice what they do, eat what they do etc etc. to the point where I have seen certain individuals calling out other people for having no soul. Yes, no soul. To this day I question how they have ascertained this- I call shenanigans. Many also demand to be looked up to and set apart by declaring themselves superior in terms of their experience in kundalini awakening, out of body experience, manifestation and so on. These experiences are deeply profound and life changing, that isn’t up for argument here today but equally they are not a ranking system to make others feel inferior to the person in question and nobody should feel less than in comparison to anybody else. We are all on our own journey and in competition with nobody. Be you and love this. What is being translated in these types of instances is insecurity deflected on to others in an attempt at validation.

It is clear to see that insecurity and fear does not leave us, quite the opposite when in search of the divine and aligned life. Although outward appearances may suggest the person who’s ego is in full command of them may not seem insecure and fearful believe me they are-it is simply the ego being incredibly cunning in its desire to prevent growth and keep blocks firmly in place. Consider this- if a person believes they know everything, are superior to others and are fully convinced of their damning and judgmental opinions how free are they to truly learn and grow? How much love do they have in their heart in comparison to fear? The ego here once again is preventing progression and expansion. This is not for us to judge them as bad people, it is not for us to judge at all- but to realise they too are suffering under the conditions of the ego and to send them love and compassion regardless.

Loosening the Leash

Do not neglect your spiritual routine. Keeping yourself grounded within your practice is the most effective way of opening yourself up to let love guide your actions and also to be mindful of the moment. By opening up your heart space and being present you will dramatically lessen the ill affects of the ego and begin to break free of a fear based existence. It will also enable you to remain calm and non reactive in situations where the ego is at play in another with the potential to invite yours to join it! For those who are empathetic and susceptible to feeling or sensing the emotional energy of another this is key. By keeping yourself tempered you will refuse to allow yourself to be pulled into another’s lower vibrational frequency.

The ego is never ever in the now, in the present is the only sacred space we have available to us here. That should tell you all you need to know about the validity of the ego. The now is where meditation and also mindfulness come in to their own and teach us so much. Both of these practices nurture within us an appreciation of what we are and where we are with the underlying understanding that we are enough. There is nothing outside of us that is needed to complete us, there is nothing else and nowhere else that we need to be. This acceptance and tolerance will radiate out from ourselves and encourage us to develop the same feelings for others.

You are NOT a product of the past and equally fearing the future is a futile exercise indeed. If you allow these premises to dominate your life you will shape it to your detriment and allow it to unfold in a way which will not bring you fulfillment and happiness. It is only by releasing the lack and fear that we can truly let the love in and live as we were designed to do. If we were not meant to self correct once we have assimilated and processed our experience thus far we would not be able to but we are and this is totally by design. The greatest gift we have is the ability to create a better way for ourselves and start afresh, in the moment, any time we choose.