The Merkabah pt2: Merkabah activation

Meditating on the Merkabah Hopefully you have landed here after reading our initial post on the Merkabah. If you haven?t read this then I would recommend you do so unless of course you already have a firm grasp upon the subject and what it involves. Today we will be looking at ways of visualising your […]

The Merkabah pt1: Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry: The Merkabah People now more than ever are searching for the true meaning and purpose of their existence here on the earth plane, in doing so they are making a return to their ancestral gnostic wisdom to make sense of and enrich their lives. A huge part of this search rests upon the […]

What is the Ego and how should we treat it?

Introduction There are phrases aplenty we use when somebody displays behaviour or talks in a way which strikes discord and rubs us the wrong way. Quite often when we perceive ourselves or an individual as being boastful or coming from a place of competition and dominance we will call this out as ego-driven. Whereas it […]