What are trans personal Chakras: An introduction to the stellar Pathway

There are in fact many chakras outside of your body and many struggle to validate this as a concept. However it is an undeniable fact that your body has magnetic energetic resonance (there are at least 12 layers of energetic resonance or frequency that we are aware of) and therefore yourself here on this earth does not begin and end with your skin! External chakras are in fact very much a part of your chakra system.

Although a more recent application to the study of our energy they are in fact perhaps the most ancient. My reasoning behind this statement is that they are our connection to source to extra terrestrial beings and to the angelic hosts.

Although similar in functionality to bodily chakras in terms of their purpose and associations they are in fact a deeper connection to all of our origins and spiritual purpose. Therefore our intention is to connect with and allow them to flood our earthly chakras with the divine sustenance they need.

Our bodily chakras are mostly associated with the physical and as such we focus greatly on keeping them balanced and regulated . The bodily chakras due to earthly interactions are more prone to the need for regulation and healing, as our physical translation of our divine purpose the Stella pathway focuses upon connections outwith our body to further enhance our lives here and our connections to source. Indeed, by connecting to our stellar chakras we are further enabling our ability to heal our 7 earthly chakras with the love and light they can access for us.

In the blog series on chakra healing and meditation on this website we have included 2 of the trans-personal chakras to begin the shift and introduce this as a concept: the Earth Star chakra and the Soul Star chakra. They are the beginning of a deeper auric and etheric resonance and understanding of how our personal bodily energy can be supported to a greater more profound level from both this world and and the second sun or Mother Earth and Father Sky. By beginning to include these concepts in your consciousness they will begin to pervade throughout the rest of your being and your attune to them both will deeply enhance your self awareness as well as your sense of safety and vitality. You are thoroughly encouraged to explore these posts further to begin your deeper dance with crystalline core of Gaia and the long time sun



Root Chakra “I am calm, strong, nurtured and supported”

Name: Root Chakra


Positioning: Physically, the Root chakra is traditionally placed at the very base of the spine. this chakra anchors the higher chakras and the human body to the ground and the star chakra and the world around the individual.

Colour: Red

Correspondence: The root chakra governs a person’s relationship with both the basic physical necessities of life, such as food, water, and shelter and also the fundamental psychological factors required for mental health, like trust, acceptance, and comfort. Awareness of separateness, time and space.

Imbalanced attributes: A damaged root chakra or root chakra issues can make it difficult or impossible to find one’s proper place in the world and soul purpose. A n energetic field of disconnect, confusion and instability can surround us when there is work to be done here and the individual can often end up facing life in a confrontational or adversarial way when this chakra is in need of healing and support. Not only this but it can effectively block us from accessing the power of and clearing our other chakras so it is key that we ensure this chakra is healthy and balanced. This chakra is heavily affected by childhood and adolescent trauma so we must clear any open wounds, trauma and victimization in order to make this chakra strong.

Where is the root chakra: Physically, the Root Chakra is traditionally placed at the very base of the spine strongly connected to the digestive tract.

Imbalanced root chakra attributes: in this chakra can cause urinary problems, bowel disorders, muscular complaints in the hips and legs and prostate problems. Depression, anxiety and paranoia. Aggression, materialism, impulsiveness, and harmful sexual promiscuity.

Balanced root chakra attributes: Survival, security, general good health, digestive, bowel and muscular ease.

Root chakra gemstones: garnet, bloodstone, black tourmaline, yellow topaz, and jasper. Crystals which have similar associations include azurite, obsidian, smoky quartz, carnelian, and citrine. The power of these stones is often invoked by placing them over the chakra during a healing massage.

Mudra: Prithvi or Earth mudra. The palm is pointed upwards and the ring finger is brought back to touch the tip of the outstretched thumb. The rest of the fingers are left relaxed. In seated meditation positions, many practitioners rest their knuckles on their knees. This is excellent for opening the root chakra and keeping it balanced.

Root Chakra Mantra: LAM (To be repeated as sound therapy and frequency integration)

Affirmations created to establish a balanced root chakra will emphasise the safety and security of the individual as well as the inherent understanding of our right to be here and connection to the world.

I am safe

I am supported by mother earth

I am where I belong and divinely guided

I am strong



Crown Chakra: “I am guided by my higher self and soul urge”

Crown Chakra?

Crown Chakra Positioning: At the crown of the head and is associated with the brain and entire nervous system due to it being the seat of consciousness and cosmic energy within us all and the bridging chakra between our physical body chakras and those surrounding us within our energetic field.

Crown chakra Colour: Violet

Crown chakra Correspondence: cosmic consciousness and the entry way into your chakra system, governing conceptions of time and space. Once aligned we see the crown as the initial gateway to the cosmos and a deeper understanding of our place within creation. It is here we are able to integrate our unconditional love and release our fear based patterning and perspectives.

Imbalanced Crown Chakra Attributes: worry, mental health issues, headaches, dementia, loneliness, chronic pain, sleep disorders, photo-sensitivity neurological disorders spiritual and physical disconnect, cynicism, refusal of a spirit-based existence, feeling that this is unattainable/loss of faith, spiritual no mans land

Balanced Crown Chakra Attributes: Enlightenment and connection to our higher selves, transcendence of the ego all is one, peacefully energised, release from the ego and a fear based perspective

Crown Chakra Crystal healing: quartz and amethyst, moldavite, shungite

Crown Chakra Mudra: Padma, place little fingers and thumbs together and see the hands as a chalice or lotus flower opening up to receive the energy of the eternal I AM.

Crown Chakra Mantra: Ohm

Crown Chakra Affirmations:

I am connected to my higher self at all times

I know

I trust my higher self to guide and support me

Earth Star Chakra “My entire spiritual and etheric self is aligned with mother Earth”

What is it?

The earth star chakra is located outside of our physical body and below our root chakra where it is able to connect deep within mother earth, specifically into the crystalline grids held within Gaia’s etheric internal core…. This in turn allows us to connect to the collective consciousness and the healing power of mother earth on a whole new level.

For those of you already well acquainted with chakras imagine the earth star chakra to be incredibly similair to that of the root chakra, allowing for a deeper healing, feeling of safety and connection. Allowing us to release unwanted or stuck energies for her to transmute and equally allow us to feel her healing deep within our spiritual core.

Earth star colour and correspondence

Colour: Azure blue. When you try to visualise this chakra notice how big and bright it looks to you. If the colour is murky or the chakra is small or conversely large and overwhelming to you, gently focus your loving and calm intent sending pure crystalline intelligent light to bring it into balance.

Correspondence: Awareness of the cycle of life, birth, death, renewal

Crystals to use while clearing and healing: Larimar, aquamarine, rosequartz, aqua aura, obsidian or shungite

Mantra: “I am safe, the very essence of who am I am, my soul urge and all of my divine aspects are nurtured, supported and wanted by mother earth”

Soul Star “I am supported by higher beings who guide me for my highest good”

Soul star

Positioning: This is the second of the transpersonal chakras located outside of your body we have mentioned, but remaining within your energetic field and the first step of your stellar pathway. Incredibly closely linked to the crown chakra, it is 6 inches above it in fact. It is here we are able to associate with the angelic and furthewr astral realms.

Colour: merkabah

Crystal healing: Celestite, kyanite, spirit amethyst

Correspondence: Awareness of our place in the universe, activation of divine angelic radiant love into our being, divine purpose, past life awareness the seat of universal oneness and although inside of us it is not of us it is the connection we all share to the divine. connection to the life force of this universe and all beings within, connection to collective consciousness, removal of pain, clarity, liberation, past lives, ascension, humour.

Imbalanced Attributes: Purposelessness, anxiety, fear, living in the shadows

Balanced Attributes: positive Release, allowing the divine to tune us in to our internal abundance, loving, imagination, attraction to the angelic hosts and having the will to spur on your own creative freedom and expression, tapping in to the imagination to find your true purpose, liberating freedom within an harmonic sphere of light, gratitude, self love, selflessness and compassion, further clarity of your soul purpose

Mudra: Gyan- place your index fingertip and thumb together allowing other fingers to relax, this is the traditional meditation pose and calls upon unity with the divine


I am surrounded by divine angelic love at all times

I am free of any past life bondage

I actively use my imagination to access divine truths and wisdom

I am able to access my own internal abundance


Third Eye chakra “Through the embodiment of safety and discernment my intuition guides me”

Third eye?

Third Eye Chakra Positioning: Slightly above and between your eyes

Third Eye Chakra Colour: Indigo

Third Eye Crystal healing: Amethyst, obsidian, purple fluorite, moldovite

Third Eye Correspondence: initiation into higher purpose and spirituality, psychic energy and the gateway to synthesising and acting upon information beyond the physical world

Imbalanced Third Eye Chakra Attributes: Lack of faith in a higher purpose, inability to concentrate, focus learn new things, clumsy, feeling insignificant, stagnation, indecisive, paranoia, eye pain, sinus issues, headaches back/leg pain, feeling belittled, inability to cope with transition

Balanced Third Eye Chakra Attributes: Ability to harness intuition accurately. Harmonious balance between logic and emotion, making strides in meeting your higher purpose , strength in your beliefs and purpose

Third Eye Mudra: shuni bring the thumb and middle finger tip together and press lightly as you meditate on one or all of the below affirmations and/or vocalise the Aum mantra. This makes for an excellent manifestation meditation as you will become aligned and corrected to your path.

Third Eye Mantra: Aum

Third Eye Affirmations:

I am safe

I make the right decisions for myself

I trust that I serve my highest purpose

I am whole

I am a being of mother earth able to synthesize and action loving information from other realms

My intuition serves me well and guides me onward to my highest purpose

Throat Chakra “I perceive and speak my truth”

Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra Positioning: In the throat! At the base of the neck

Throat Chakra Colour: Light blue

Throat Chakra Correspondence: Communication, talking, listening, decision making, divine will, speaking your truth

Imbalanced Throat Chakra Attributes: Judgemental, domineering, loud, over critical overly intellectualizing, disconnect from emotions/timid, forgetful, inarticulate, arthritic, hoarse, throat, thyroid dental problems

Balanced Throat Chakra Attributes: Truth detector, clear speech, effective communication, courage of your conviction, purification, finding of your souls passions

Throat Chakra Crystal healing: Lapis Lazouli, blue tourmaline, aquamarine

Throat Chakra Mudra: Akash Mudra

This in turn enables the soul to join with the collective and Godhead, release toxins and increase cosmos space within the etheric body. Simply bring the thumb and middle finger together and press lightly as you meditate on one or all of the below affirmations and/or vocalise the Ham mantra.

Throat Chakra Mantra: Ham

Throat Chakra Affirmations:

I speak my truths

I am articulate

I am an effective communicator

I perceive the truths in others

I allow my emotions to flow through me

I allow myself to discover and act upon my passions

I am free of the need to dominate or control other people

Heart Chakra “I give and receive unconditional love: I am enough”

Heart Chakra

Positioning: Centre of the chest at the sternum

Colour: Emerald green

Correspondence: unconditional love, peace, beauty, unity and cooperation kindness, health and healing social relationships, empathy, emotional healing, and interpersonal connectivity. It is also responsible for transformation and integration of the higher self. This is the centre of your rainbow bridge and your ability to truely connect interdimensionally with the 4D and 5d aspects of your existence, monad and Christ consciousness.

Imbalanced Attributes: emotional shut down/over compensation. Withdrawn, social isolation, critical. Over demanding, panic, victim hood, lack of personal boundaries, grief, overwhelm. Distress on any/every level of being. Walls or a prison instead of healthy boundaries

Hypertension, breathing problems, heart conditions, heartburn, reflux.

Balanced Attributes: self love and universal love, healthy boundaries, positive relationships, optimal health, calm and tranquility. Total connection with source and mother earth. A chakra heart meditation combining the below mudra and mantra frequency will begin to bring your heart field back into alignment and strengthen this very important part of your energetic body.

Crystal healing: Aventurine Moonstone Rose quartz, Pink quartz, clear quartz, jade, green calcite

Mudra: Hridaya (unblocks) place the index finger on the root of the thumb now bring together the tips of the index and middle finger to the tips of the thumb.

Mantra: Yam


I am loved

I am surrounded by the love of mother earth and father sky

I enjoy positive relations with others

I love myself

I have healthy boundaries

I am in optimal good health

I am calm and peaceful




Solar Plexus Chakra “I am confident, supported and loved”

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra Positioning: Just below the sternum

Solar Plexus Chakra Colour: Golden yellow

Solar Plexus Chakra Correspondence: Ego, self-belief, personal power, self-mastery, overcoming fears and acting responsively

Solar Plexus Chakra Activation sign: When you do something which scares you, exerting your will and self control, standing up for yourself. High energy and posture. Note it is an energetic sponge therefore needs protection as it will absorb whatever is in its environment be it good or bad.

Imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra attributes: Disappointment, frustration, victimisation, pessimism low expectations, shy to lead, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-worth. Life is a series of unfortunate events, mostly dull. Inadequacy, false show of confidence and arrogance. Manipulative, selfish, mental health issues, stomach issues, constipation A blocked solar plexus chakra will undoubtedly lead to feelings of not mattering, a lack of appreciation and being ignored. It can also lead to manipulative and selfish thought patterns and actions. Physically gastric ailments are a result of imbalance, gas, peptic ulcers and other ailments of the digestive processes

Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra Attributes: Self-confidence, self-mastery, autonomy, following your true path, awareness, clarity of thought, success, achievement, freedom and ease of speech

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal healing

Amber, Citrine, Lemon Quartz, Yellow Jasper

Solar Plexus Chakra Mudra: Rudra and Apana

Take the index and ring finger of both hands and touch the thumb with them both. This will leave your index and little finger standing straight.

Another mudra great for energetic protection is the Apana. The theme here is cleansing, elimination and release. Again this is applied to the physical and metaphysical. In terms of our gall bladder, liver and the process of ingestion, metabolism and elimination performing this mudra will increase the efficacy of the body’s natural ability to process and release, also helping the immune system. As well as this however, the subtle energy body can also benefit by being cleansed of any negative or detrimental energy which may be stuck or has found a host! Those of you who have attended a thrash metal concert or two in their time will probably have performed this mudra as will any Aloha affecionados! Place the middle and ring finger together with the index and little finger splayed out to form a very crude Y shape. This is certainly one to perform to improve flow and reduce stagnation of any kind. This mudra brings together source, earth and fire. This mudra is perfect for those of us sensitive to picking up and retaining the energies of others and is easily performed outside of the meditation process.

Solar Plexus Chakra Mantra: Ram

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations:

I am confident

I am supported

I follow my own path

I easily meet challenges

I am assertive

I am loved

I speak clearly

I meet my goals successfully

Sacral Chakra “I am joyful and creative”

Sacral Chakra


This chakra is located along the spine directly behind your belly button.

Colour: Orange


Responsible for our feelings of pleasure, personal identity, desire, and passion procreation and pleasure. It promotes creativity, joy, and learning to let go. Enjoyment and creativity, it is the seat of the earthly expression of who we are. In my opinion the centre of our contrast.

Imbalanced attributes: Fear anxiety depression lack of joy, guarded, shut down. Intimacy issues, shame, guilt, internal pain. Acceptance of a false reality and over fantasising, sexual dysfunction, addiction and overindulgence as well as codependency. Overreaction envy and rage find it hard to associate with other people and the world around, can’t keep emotions and ability in balance, are unemotional feel insecure fail to deal with life’s changes and lack self-confidence.

Balanced attributes: Radiates warmth, speaks openly, capable of intimacy on many levels, passionate present in their body, sensual, creative, connected to their feelings, feeling emotionally stable.

Crystal healing: Amber, calcite orange, carnelian, or hematite.

Mudra: The mudras associate with the sacral chakra is firstly the Sakthi Mudra. Place your palms in front of your chest, press your little finger and ring fingertips together. Fold your thumbs into your palms, inside of your index and middle finger. You can then press the knuckles of these two fingers together or keep them separate. Next is prana and this focus upon ensuring any energetic blockages are released, place the tip of your thumb on your little and index fingers with your index and middle fingers standing upright.

Mantra: Vam


I am joyful

I enjoy intimacy

I allow my creativity to flow freely

It is right that I express who I am

I am at peace with my emotions

I create space for better opportunities in my life