Ascended Master Merlin: Alchemy, shadow work and manifestation

Welcome to the energetic resonance of Ascended master Merlin!

Asking for his assistance will truly help you overcome your barriers. Not by blindly attempting to push past them. No, you will transmute your barriers by acknowledging the full spectrum of yourself and releasing your fears. Powerful stuff indeed.

Who is Merlin?

Merlin or Myrrdin as he is known is the ultimate magickal Wizard. If we go back far enough, the earliest recordings of Merlin sees him associated with Uther Pendragon (he disguised Uther to enable him to Sire Arthur at Tintagel which was then the fortress of his enemy) and directly responsible for the creation of Stonehenge as a funerary site. He found further fame for his presence at Camelot court during which he was able to help and guide King Arthur and his court which has been held in high regard throughout the ages as a place of chivalry, honor and valor.

Many of you will have an image of a white haired and bearded old wizard and this is fair. By picturing Merlin this way we are appreciating the ages of wisdom he has walked through both before during and after Camelot but we also need to pay heed to the beginnings of Merlin as this really epitomizes how he can aid us.

It is believed that Merlin was sired by a demon and his intended role was to reverse the ascension process instigated by Joshua Ben Joseph. However, Merlin was freed of this ‘destiny’ by Blaise who ensured he was brought to Christ conscience. Thus, Merlin was given prophetic access to the Akashic records alongside shapeshifting and magickal abilities while being able to tread a new path of light, through choice…. Remember this part of his story.

What can Merlin’s ascended master vibrational tone help us with?

Merlin is in a unique position to assist us with all of our shadow work and the integration of the parts of our soul which have become lost to us or separated from our senses. His unique heritage means that he is able to call back from the darkness our disassociated self, heal our wounds and transmute them back into the light. This is the epitome of ‘The sorcerers stone’ or turning lead into gold. By integrating our splintered soul and showing it love we are really able to increase our vibrational tone as we incorporate the lesson and provide the healing to ourselves. This is not work which can be done for us as we are the ones responsible for our aspects becoming integrated. However, he is there to provide support and assistance as well as leave us clues about which path to go down. “Lead with curiosity” is his mantra.

Merlin calls us to create a sense of balance for ourselves which we can only do by accepting our perfect imperfection as a human being. When examining aspects of ourselves we are called to do this almost from a bird’s eye view, Merlin the shapeshifter can help us tune in to this frequency and ascend above our difficulties in order to see them as they truly are and pave a way forward. He also calls upon us to balance and properly extend our energy, accepting the parts of ourselves we have negated and releasing the false identity we may have created or been conditioned to believe as true. Physically he calls for balance too, the body needs to rest when we perform our shadow work and integrate and also exercise when we need to release pent up or stuck emotional energy. Master Merlin will assist you in your desire to accept, love and regulate your soul.

As we hinted at above, Merlin is the ascended master of the Law of Attraction. He is able to help us ascend and brighten our frequency by healing our darker aspects. This aids in focusing upon the intentions we wish to set for ourselves without energetic mis match and distractions. He is also the master shapeshifter, showing us that nothing about who we are is set in stone, that every day affords us the opportunity to create something new within ourselves and follow a new path. When you need support regarding the ushering in of a new timeline, examining potentials of differing situations, decision making, all of this can be supported by Merlin when you call upon him to help you see the varying options and potential you have around you.

Merlin’s Correspondences:

Crystals: Lodestone, Merlinite and Blue Preseli

Colours: grey, blue and white

Places: Forests, lakes

Merlin’s Meditation

“Ascended master Merlin, I call upon you with love respect and integrity. Please show me where I need to heal and how I can call my shadow aspects back to the light to be healed and loved. Allow me to see the patterning and physical manifestation I have acquired as not my own, I am not trapped but free as a bird to transmute and transcend. I know that in your presence I am safe and guided, I am able to face the full reality of who I am with unconditional love for myself, grace and ease. I am able to balance the harmonic resonances within myself to attain true enlightenment and reconnect with my undying eternal soul urge”


I do hope that you have found this information useful. Please do leave a comment below if you have any questions or get in touch by email.

Reintroducing the Divine Feminine with Mother Kuan Yin

It is obvious that that the divine feminine is re emerging. We are beginning the absolving of our previous over reliance upon dominant masculine unbalanced resonance and are now coming to a time where we wish for harmony, a reckoning if you will. To integrate and exult the intuition, abstract, love, compassion, sensuality, flow, nurturing. Solar and Lunar, left and right, ying and yang are calling for their balance to be restored. Many are looking to find a way to channel and grow their feminine side, this is for all remember, we all each hold masculine and feminine energy within us to balance and harmonize.

Misconceptions of Masculinity

There is a popular misconception that in order to be safe, strong, forward facing and confident, we need to pull on eternal overtly masculine energies. It is true that indeed the resonance of figures such as Arthur, Vicengetorix, Zeuss, the emperor arcana can be well utilized and integrated as the warrior aspect as part of our divine selves but we must remember that they make up but one part of the entirety. Allow me to (re) introduce the fiercely protective and loving energies of the eternally compassionate, strong, loyal and loving mother Kuan Yin who hears all of the cries of the earthly plain or “She who observes all sounds of suffering in the world”.

Who Was Kuan Yin?

Kuan yin is known throughout the world by many Buddhists as a Bodhisattva, a truly enlightened soul with the ability to enter nirvana. Legend has it that she was a rich Indian princess named Mia Shan who much like her male counterparts, forsook the world of luxury to obtain true spiritual enlightenment. Instead of entering into marriage to further her families dynasty she took up the role of a Buddhist nun, sadly disowned by her not as progressive and forward thinking father. Undeterred she sought spiritual enlightenment in her quest to bring a higher consciousness to humanity and help the world. As Kuan yin was to finally enter Nirvana she heard cries of those suffering on the earthly plain and instead chose to remain in a place where she could be accessible to humanity, aiding and protecting those who needlessly suffer in this world.

She is mostly depicted as a young woman all in white and carrying a white lotus flower, the symbol of spiritual enlightenment. Correspondences include pearls, the colour white, lotus flower, rice, fertility, horses, peacocks and orange blossom and the number 33 (you may be seeing this as an ‘angel number’).

How to Ask Kuan Yin for Help

Not only did she sacrifice the permanency of a blissful state for actively remains supporting us when we learn to tap into her frequency, but how do we do this?

Initially our willing to allow the frequency in the first instance. For many it can be difficult to trust the divine feminine. We have grown up with female energy being subservient or somehow sub par to masculinity, as weak, inferior and not able to ‘manage it’s shit’ as well as the masculine archetypes previously mentioned. However, nothing could be further from the actuality of the matter. There is an undeniable unshakable strength in holding compassion and love for each other, what level of mastery of the self, the senses and internal personal power is harnessed in order to be able to feel eternal compassion love and support with no resentment, judgement or shaming? In this way she is to me very similair to Christ consciousness.

So begin then with compassion for the self. This mistrust has not been generated by you but through you in years of ancestral patterning and cellular memory. The energy of Kuan Yin begins with the self then by offering ourselves the energy she embodies. It is only through offering ourselves compassion, love and understanding that we are able to embody the frequency and radiate it out to others.

Many of you out there will have specific issues you are wishing to have assistance with and this is where oracle cards can come into their own… I would suggest meditating upon your situation first and while shuffling the cards. The pull as many as your higher self wishes you to do.

Kuan Yin Meditation/Mantra

There is a specific mantra we can chant to further anchor in and integrate the energy of Kuan yin and support our body as we do this. ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ (the jewel of consciousness has reached the hearts lotus) is the mantra typically ascribed to Kuan Yin. Sit cross legged or upright on a chair with feet firmly planted. Close your eyes and begin to take deep slow comfortable breathes. As you do so you will begin to feel your body relax and ‘come back to centre’. Focusing on the heart chakra place your right hand on your heart and your left hand over the top of it. Allow yourself to feel the compassion, love and eternal embrace of mother Kuan Yin.

In conclusion:

Calling upon Kuan Yin in times of need offers us the chance to really hold a space for self love and compassion and to integrate our divine feminine aspect. By going within and taking time to connect with mother Kuan Yin we are showing ourselves that we are worthy of of this act, that we matter, and will always be held in divine space by this fiercely loving and devoted mother.


Who are the Ascended Masters? Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters

Ascended masters is a term many people have heard but are unsure who and what is being spoken about. Below you will find an explanation as to who or what an Ascended master is, what a cosmic master is and how you can get in touch with the energetic resonance they embody

What is a Cosmic Master?

We all choose to incarnate our souls into different dimensions, frequencies and densities. This means that we pass through many lifetimes in many places and thus come to a point of maturity or frequency which is similair if not equivalent to the purest energy source.

The way this is achieved is by freeing ourselves from the shackles of karma. Each lifetime incarnated gives everyone the opportunity to walk in the path of love, compassion and forgiveness. To follow their own unique expression of source in a way which creates enlightenment- emphasis on the ‘light’ in terms of burden and heaviness.

It is not assumed that this is an easy task! Indeed as we become more aware of our connection to our higher self we become more and more aware of the conditioning and false beliefs which have held us prisoner – within our own minds- and thus creation of an enslaved environment can be met by many as they seek freedom from this 3D density and wish to walk talk live and breathe at a higher vantage point, a higher frequency if you will.

Here on earth many wish to vibrate at a 4D/5D frequency a path which travels through the manifestation of our desires, vanquishing of negative density and freedom to a state of grace, compassion and love.

The ascended and cosmic masters know this path as they have had to walk it too! They did not simply appear as pure source here on our carbon based reality. They too have danced with the devil, been reborn and elevated. This is what separates them from our angelic guardians and spirit guides. It is their experiential knowledge and understanding of walking the path to source which makes a relationship with them so crucial and such a help on our soul urge journey.

There are many cosmic masters and no definitive list for surely there are some who were never known by the mainstream collective, each one embodying one of the Great God qualities Some of the most widely known ascended masters are:

  • Jeshua Ben Jospeph – Christ conscience master
  • Mary Magdelena – Divine Feminine, intuitive gnostic wisdom
  • Merlin – energetics, manifestation
  • Mother mary – compassion and unconditional love
  • Nikola Tesla – energetic preparation for ascension
  • Buddha – Balance, harmony, enlightenment
  • Maitreya – future ascended master who will arrive on earth in huionman form, the teacher of humanity
  • Confucius – Morality, justice and sincerity
  • Ashtar Sheran – Advancement of the collectives higher consciousness and Gaia’s ascended position within the cosmos and galactic federation
  • Kwan Yin – Compassion, mercy and kindness
  • Kuthumi – Protection of the aura and bringer of sacred light
  • Sanat Kumara – Advancement of spiritual evolution

The Ascended Masters-Chohans of the 7 Rays

There is also a belief held by many that there are are 7 ascended Masters who each teach us the 7 paths back to source through Christed conscience. The number 7 is important here as it represents the natural fractal of colour as it diverges from pure white and down into physical manifestation.

Known as the Chohans of the 7 rays, each of the ascended masters embodies and defines that particular area of life here on Earth we need to master in order to? ascend to a higher vibration or frequency. As well as this they each have a designated retreat here on our physical earth

Chohan El Morya- Master of the Blue Ray and the divine will of God. He is the divine masculine in that he represents action, authority, will, initiation and dependability.

Chohan Lanto- Master of the Yellow Ray, Lord Lanto is the master healer, not only on a personal physical and spiritual level but also with the healing and vibrational frequency increase of the planet.

Chohan Paul the Venetian- Master of the pink ray and divine love and inspiration. He is a patron of art and culture which both contribute greatly to expanding our experience and raising the planet.

Chohan Serapis Bey-Divine Master of the 4th white ray. Ancient priest of Atlantis, he subsequently reincarnated multiple times in ancient Egypt and Greece. He helps us to regulate our lower chakras and to bring balance and harmony during conflict, calling us back to centre and alignment to ultimately ascend our turbulence through the white flame.

Chohan Hilarion-Master of the Green ray, health and truth. Chohan Hilarion walks the the gap between science and spirituality. Noetic science, cosmology, astrology and theology all benefit from his loving gaze.

Chohan Master Nada-Master of the 6th ray, purple and gold. She is the keeper of selfless service, love, compassion and peace, she also helps us to heal our inner child’s wounding to further us along the ascension path as well as rippling out karmic ancestral healing. Master Nada along with Serapis Bey and St Germain have been very active during the age of Aquarius and she is guiding us all to find our heart based desires and twin flame.

Chohan St Germain- Mentioned previously St Germain is the guardian of the violet flame and Chohan of the 7th Ray. St Germain will resonate with all of those who hold string Atlantean energy within them. Master of alchemy, transmutation, humour and grace. He represents religious and spiritual tolerance and provides a sanctuary from persecution.

Maha Chohan- Representative of the holy spirit and a combination of all rays brought together. The Master healer he holds the flame for all of those who are as yet unable to hold it for themselves as they work the ascension process. He represents the unification of mind body and soul, free will and servitude. It is here where we are truly able to shake off the ego and give ourselves over in love and light to the the uplifting of planet Earth and the collective as a whole.

How do I get in touch with the Ascended Masters/Cosmic Masters for help- Ascended master meditation?

Many times we simply can not use the logical ‘ego based’ mind to answer questions related to our higher self and our spiritual path, it is the realm of the subconscious we need to enter where dreams, symbolism and the imagination rule. Abstract non linear vibrational frequency is required.

Simply start by meditating in a quiet spot. Ground yourself by imagining your root or earth star chakra connecting to mother earths crystalline grid, anchoring you and come back to your body taking deep regular belly breathes. Now ask yourself an abstract question along the lines of “If I were to speak with my higher self what information could it give me about the frequency of ascended master I need to tap into to help me”. By asking an open question you are handing over the thinking to the abstract non linear part of your brain. Repeat this internal mantra for a few moments until you are calm centred and still. Then mentally let go of the question, focus on your breathing and see what comes forth!

How do I tap into the energy of an Ascended master?

After your meditation write down what came to you such as colour, symbolism, images, words etc. You may well have been given a? name during your meditation if not don’t worry you can put the pieces together. For example if you were shown a violet or purple flame perhaps it is St Germain you need to be in touch with or the image of a batter-this would be Tesla! You may be instinctively drawn to a Master after reading the list above, this is good too-follow your higher self’s guidance or simply pick whomever you like. Have fun and explore with joy remember nothing is permanent all is ever changing.

What will happen when I am in touch with this energy?

Once you have an Ascended Master to work with it is important to tune into their vibration and frequency. Your body is calling you to inhabit the divine energy they embodied on the earth. With Kwan Yin for example, there are many beautiful pictures of her and you can look at these while meditating upon compassion, kindness and forgiveness. How can you introduce more of these aspects into your life? Where perhaps do you need kindness and compassion both towards yourself and to others? Journey with the attributes, explore and feel them, this is how to integrate the ascended masters into your life for sure.

In Conclusion

We are all individual and unique expressions of the God self in outer form as embodiment of the I AM presence while paradoxically being one with humanity and the collective. It is this paradox which perhaps causes our challenges and pre planned obstacles to be met. As our realities converge with others we are to find our way through our earth experience while growing and evolving, coming closer to our true nature. By embodying the spectrum of divine energetics as displayed through the ascended masters we too can go further along on our journey of expression and manifestation.