Ascended Master Merlin: Alchemy, shadow work and manifestation

Welcome to the energetic resonance of Ascended master Merlin! Asking for his assistance will truly help you overcome your barriers. Not by blindly attempting to push past them. No, you will transmute your barriers by acknowledging the full spectrum of yourself and releasing your fears. Powerful stuff indeed. Who is Merlin? Merlin or Myrrdin as […]

Reintroducing the Divine Feminine with Mother Kuan Yin

It is obvious that that the divine feminine is re emerging. We are beginning the absolving of our previous over reliance upon dominant masculine unbalanced resonance and are now coming to a time where we wish for harmony, a reckoning if you will. To integrate and exult the intuition, abstract, love, compassion, sensuality, flow, nurturing. […]

Who are the Ascended Masters? Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters

Ascended masters is a term many people have heard but are unsure who and what is being spoken about. Below you will find an explanation as to who or what an Ascended master is, what a cosmic master is and how you can get in touch with the energetic resonance they embody What is a […]