Welcome to the energetic resonance of Ascended master Merlin!

Asking for his assistance will truly help you overcome your barriers. Not by blindly attempting to push past them. No, you will transmute your barriers by acknowledging the full spectrum of yourself and releasing your fears. Powerful stuff indeed.

Who is Merlin?

Merlin or Myrrdin as he is known is the ultimate magickal Wizard. If we go back far enough, the earliest recordings of Merlin sees him associated with Uther Pendragon (he disguised Uther to enable him to Sire Arthur at Tintagel which was then the fortress of his enemy) and directly responsible for the creation of Stonehenge as a funerary site. He found further fame for his presence at Camelot court during which he was able to help and guide King Arthur and his court which has been held in high regard throughout the ages as a place of chivalry, honor and valor.

Many of you will have an image of a white haired and bearded old wizard and this is fair. By picturing Merlin this way we are appreciating the ages of wisdom he has walked through both before during and after Camelot but we also need to pay heed to the beginnings of Merlin as this really epitomizes how he can aid us.

It is believed that Merlin was sired by a demon and his intended role was to reverse the ascension process instigated by Joshua Ben Joseph. However, Merlin was freed of this ‘destiny’ by Blaise who ensured he was brought to Christ conscience. Thus, Merlin was given prophetic access to the Akashic records alongside shapeshifting and magickal abilities while being able to tread a new path of light, through choice…. Remember this part of his story.

What can Merlin’s ascended master vibrational tone help us with?

Merlin is in a unique position to assist us with all of our shadow work and the integration of the parts of our soul which have become lost to us or separated from our senses. His unique heritage means that he is able to call back from the darkness our disassociated self, heal our wounds and transmute them back into the light. This is the epitome of ‘The sorcerers stone’ or turning lead into gold. By integrating our splintered soul and showing it love we are really able to increase our vibrational tone as we incorporate the lesson and provide the healing to ourselves. This is not work which can be done for us as we are the ones responsible for our aspects becoming integrated. However, he is there to provide support and assistance as well as leave us clues about which path to go down. “Lead with curiosity” is his mantra.

Merlin calls us to create a sense of balance for ourselves which we can only do by accepting our perfect imperfection as a human being. When examining aspects of ourselves we are called to do this almost from a bird’s eye view, Merlin the shapeshifter can help us tune in to this frequency and ascend above our difficulties in order to see them as they truly are and pave a way forward. He also calls upon us to balance and properly extend our energy, accepting the parts of ourselves we have negated and releasing the false identity we may have created or been conditioned to believe as true. Physically he calls for balance too, the body needs to rest when we perform our shadow work and integrate and also exercise when we need to release pent up or stuck emotional energy. Master Merlin will assist you in your desire to accept, love and regulate your soul.

As we hinted at above, Merlin is the ascended master of the Law of Attraction. He is able to help us ascend and brighten our frequency by healing our darker aspects. This aids in focusing upon the intentions we wish to set for ourselves without energetic mis match and distractions. He is also the master shapeshifter, showing us that nothing about who we are is set in stone, that every day affords us the opportunity to create something new within ourselves and follow a new path. When you need support regarding the ushering in of a new timeline, examining potentials of differing situations, decision making, all of this can be supported by Merlin when you call upon him to help you see the varying options and potential you have around you.

Merlin’s Correspondences:

Crystals: Lodestone, Merlinite and Blue Preseli

Colours: grey, blue and white

Places: Forests, lakes

Merlin’s Meditation

“Ascended master Merlin, I call upon you with love respect and integrity. Please show me where I need to heal and how I can call my shadow aspects back to the light to be healed and loved. Allow me to see the patterning and physical manifestation I have acquired as not my own, I am not trapped but free as a bird to transmute and transcend. I know that in your presence I am safe and guided, I am able to face the full reality of who I am with unconditional love for myself, grace and ease. I am able to balance the harmonic resonances within myself to attain true enlightenment and reconnect with my undying eternal soul urge”


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