Ascended Master Merlin: Alchemy, shadow work and manifestation

Welcome to the energetic resonance of Ascended master Merlin! Asking for his assistance will truly help you overcome your barriers. Not by blindly attempting to push past them. No, you will transmute your barriers by acknowledging the full spectrum of yourself and releasing your fears. Powerful stuff indeed. Who is Merlin? Merlin or Myrrdin as […]

The Magic of Mudra

What are Mudras? You will have undoubtedly seen them practiced many times in both religious pictures and sculptures potentially without even realising the significance of the gestures that are being performed. Gods and demi Gods such as Krisna and Hanuman, ascended masters like Buddha and even early christian leaders have been depicted practicing ancient manipulation […]

The Merkabah pt2: Merkabah activation

Meditating on the Merkabah Hopefully you have landed here after reading our initial post on the Merkabah. If you haven?t read this then I would recommend you do so unless of course you already have a firm grasp upon the subject and what it involves. Today we will be looking at ways of visualising your […]

The Merkabah pt1: Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry: The Merkabah People now more than ever are searching for the true meaning and purpose of their existence here on the earth plane, in doing so they are making a return to their ancestral gnostic wisdom to make sense of and enrich their lives. A huge part of this search rests upon the […]

What is the Ego and how should we treat it?

Introduction There are phrases aplenty we use when somebody displays behaviour or talks in a way which strikes discord and rubs us the wrong way. Quite often when we perceive ourselves or an individual as being boastful or coming from a place of competition and dominance we will call this out as ego-driven. Whereas it […]

What are trans personal Chakras: An introduction to the stellar Pathway

There are in fact many chakras outside of your body and many struggle to validate this as a concept. However it is an undeniable fact that your body has magnetic energetic resonance (there are at least 12 layers of energetic resonance or frequency that we are aware of) and therefore yourself here on this earth […]

Reintroducing the Divine Feminine with Mother Kuan Yin

It is obvious that that the divine feminine is re emerging. We are beginning the absolving of our previous over reliance upon dominant masculine unbalanced resonance and are now coming to a time where we wish for harmony, a reckoning if you will. To integrate and exult the intuition, abstract, love, compassion, sensuality, flow, nurturing. […]

Who are the Ascended Masters? Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters

Ascended masters is a term many people have heard but are unsure who and what is being spoken about. Below you will find an explanation as to who or what an Ascended master is, what a cosmic master is and how you can get in touch with the energetic resonance they embody What is a […]